An Unforgettable 2020 Finders Keepers Wrap-Up!

We will never forget you 2020

For us, 2020 wasn’t six events across three host cities. It was a year packed with opportunity and leadership illustrated in three mammoth digital events. Events that enabled the entire country to participate in! It was a year that we dug in and created an industry-wide impact survey that yielded some incredible data. Data that showed the Government that the Finders Keepers alone are contributing up to $30million into the creative economy each year. 2020 was competitions and collaborations. Most of all, the Finders Keepers Online Marketplace that is now thriving and open 24/7 365 days a year, which has seen the commencement of thousands of dollars back into the pockets of small business owners. Weekly! In what really was a murky year, we have managed to continue to grow in more ways than we could ever have imagined.

Finders Keepers Covid Impact Survey

2020 could have swung two ways. Either way, our vision remained and at the bookend of this year, we are still feeling really proud to be a force within Australia’s creative community.

As the year emerged amidst demanding devastation with temperatures soaring and bushfires blazing our regional communities were almost swallowed whole. We adapted our programming, found new and innovative ways to offer kindness to support affected makers and business owners. We discovered huge generosity and support from the entire creative community and helped small business owners boost their vitality.

Not long after, Covid-19 quickly closed the world down. As we postponed one event, followed by another and another. Every decision got harder. We knew our vision needed to remain, but the way we got there would need to look very different.

Without the support of the Federal Government stimulus, we would not have a team today. Our modest operation is a small business, and supporting small is our business. With an inability to host events, we faced an immediate inability to create income and furthermore and inability to pay our people. The support of Jobkeeper in 2020 has enabled us to keep The Finders Keepers afloat. It’s enabled us to keep a modest team of staff working behind the scenes that have kept our springboard in flight with opportunities for hundreds of sellers to keep doors open, albeit digitally. 

Artist Little Rowan Redhead

We also wouldn’t be still standing if it wasn’t for our loyal event-goers, shoppers, blog readers and watchers. That’s you! We’re all a bit teary and weary as we say sayonara to 2020 but VERY excited about what 2021 has in store.

The world will wake up different in 2021. It won’t be better and it might not be worse but it will be new. Our ability to morph, bend, flex and adapt in 2020 has propelled us to believe that we will always be ok. We have to be because there is a huge community of creativity out there who need us more now than ever before. We continue to believe that collectively, we can design our future for better. Together we are stronger, and with a touch of courage, the power is in our hands. We can’t wait to share 2021 and a brighter future with you all.

Thank you to our generous collaborators and partners, Sonia of Post & Co our feature artist for 2020, Illustrator Jimmy Patch who bought to life on our Covid Impact survey, stylist Mr Jason Grant who collaborated with us on a series of inspiring blog posts. Our talented competition participants for Art for Home and clever contributors to our Together We Are Stronger collaborative content. Plus our wonderful supporters, Peppermint Magazine and Sendle we’ve loved working with you this year!

Big love and happy holidays,
Sarah, Brooke, Annalyse, Ashleigh, Kathy, Lindsay, Leana, Monique, Roxanna & Nicole.

Jika Stall at Finders Keepers Sydney SS19 Captured by Samee Lapham


It’s really clear that we must continue to provide opportunities for people to connect to creativity. It is the force that has limitless potential. We must also support makers and small business owners to continue to boost their vitality. Particularly those who might not be digitally native and have been impacted greatly by what 2020 has thrown at small business makers and retailers. 

We’re continuing to do our bit to make sure 2021 is an absolute ripper. We’re covering all bases and have an action-packed calendar of real-life and online events coming soon. If you or someone you know could do with some Finders Keepers love, check out our full schedule here

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Finders Keepers Holiday Mode

Please note, our team is taking some much needed time to put our feet up with family after a challenging year. From all of our families to yours, stay safe and be well this holiday season.

Our offices will be unattended from Wednesday, December 23, 2020, until Wednesday, January 13 (inclusive).

On behalf of all of the sellers that we support, please continue to support small business and shop small over the holidays by discovering new and exciting makers at the Finders Keepers Online Marketplace.

Stay safe, be well and good tidings and see you next year!

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