How to Style Flowers at Home with Mr Jason Grant

If you don’t know Mr Jason Grant, let us introduce you. He is a man who wears (and looks fab) in many different hats. For decades, he’s been helping all sorts of brands tell beautiful stories and this Spring Summer the Finders Keepers we’re finally collaborating together. 

We love Jasons enthusiastic support for all of the small businesses we represent. His energy and efforts to support small creative business shows in his generosity and contribution to the sector. Always looking to work in organic and natural ways without over engineering things unnecessarily. 

True to his relaxed Australian feel good style, together with Finders Keepers we hope you’ll enjoy our collaboration that will bring you a series of Summer blog posts, shopping guides and much more as we explore the world with Mr Jason Grant! Update: you can read all of JG’s wonder features, Simmering Summer Style, Bedroom Bliss and Live your best creative life.

First up in this series Jason shares his trade secrets on ‘How to display flowers at home when you’re not a florist’. We’ll let you take it from here Jason 🙂

You cannot underestimate the power of the ‘pick me up’ adding flowers to your home adds, they need not be expensive but it’s always worth treating yourself, you deserve it!

Decorating your home is all about creating your very own sanctuary, my home is my happy place. You cannot underestimate the power of the pick me up adding flowers to your home adds, they need not be expensive but it’s always worth treating yourself, you deserve it!

November is one of my favourite times of the year it’s Peonie season, one of my favourite flowers especially in coral pink!

Get started with my go-to floral tips:

Have the right tools and know how, sharp scissors or secateurs, trim your flowers (no green leaves below the water ) and change the water regularly to make sure your flowers last longer.

Choose the right vessel for your blooms, I like to have a good selection of different shapes and sizes (always predominantly handmade) that are great for displaying all kind of blooms.

An interesting vase doesn’t always need flowers in it, so think about shapes, textures and colours. I love to collect ceramics, group them together in a collection with or without flowers

Flowers are beautiful but think outside the box, greenery and foliage is long lasting and just as striking, also I love an edible arrangement form the garden, think herbs and other greenery and also edible flowers. Preserved or dried flowers make for an everlasting arrangement.

When arranging your flowers move the stems around and let the flowers do the talking follow the shapes and the way they fall. It’s all about composition, so think about scale, shapes and heights.

Get to Know Mr Jason Grant ~ Stylist, designer and author!
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Join us next week as Jason shares his top pet accessories with his beautiful boston terrier, Sophia! Thanks to the Finders Keepers Sellers for their handmade vases styled by Jason. Click through to their shops below and start your at home floral styling today. FK x

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