Bedroom Bliss with Mr Jason Grant

Mr Jason Grant is back and sharing his love of home and prioritizing bedroom bliss his third feature with Finders Keepers! Read on to get the inside scoop on creating bedroom bliss. Learn why the colour of your sheets is more important than what you’re wearing too 😉 Shop Jason’s curated collection on our marketplace to help curate, decorate and dream the nights (and days) away!

We hope your enjoying our collaboration with Mr Jason Grant, so far! Missed the first features? Catch up on How to Style Flowers at Home  and Summer style. But for now get into some bedroom styling!

Bedroom Bliss

I think how you decorate your home and especially how you decorate your bedroom, is very important. After all, it’s the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing at night.

Home is my sanctuary, but I must be honest I love my bed!

Mr Jason Grant

Here’s my top bedroom tips:

Comfort is key for me, don’t forget about the things that you can’t see, a good mattress, pillow and doona are equally as important, as how you dress them.

Quality bed linen is a must, I love good textiles! Don’t be afraid of mixing and matching. It’s my favourite way to style a bed.

Scent-sational; candles, room spray etc add mood and good vibes to a space. Don’t just think about how a room looks but how it makes you feel!

Think about the colour of your sheets, like your wardrobe. Sometimes it’s the only thing you’re wearing.

Create a holiday/hotel at home, think about all the everyday luxuries to elevate the ordinary. Look forward to going to bed.

Don’t forget to be creative with your space I have a vintage parachute hanging above my bed!

Think about how colour and patterns make you feel. I’m a colour lover so I love to use colour to add energy and make it feel uplifting.

Don’t forget to be creative with your space I have a vintage parachute hanging above my bed! Most of all enjoy and make it your own.

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