Creative Catch Up With Beddie

Meet Deborah Brown, the creative force behind Beddie, a small business making bedtime a dream with their colourful, vintage-inspired collection of sheets, pillowcases and quilt covers. 

Deborah is joining the Sydney Design Market lineup with Beddie’s entire collection, and we can’t wait to see and feel her products in person! We caught up with her to learn her brand story and discover what we can expect at her market stall this December 8-10 at the Hordern Pavilion.

What was the inspiration behind starting Beddie?

I launched Beddie out of a desire to run my own business after years of working for others and raising a family. With a background in drawing, painting, and graphic design, I wanted to challenge myself creatively and make something essential for homes. The inspiration for Beddie came from my love for vintage patterns and wallpapers, which I wanted to reinterpret into homewares for today’s generation.

Can you tell us about how your bedding is made?

The cotton used in Beddie products is carefully sourced from a specific long-staple cotton crop in Portugal, while our linen comes from France. Working alongside a highly skilled group of women in the Hebei province of China, we ensure that every item is meticulously crafted to meet our precise specifications. Throughout the entire journey, our unwavering commitment is to prioritise quality and sustainability. This commitment extends from selecting specific plant materials and dyes to the production process. It’s essential to us that everyone involved in this venture is well taken care of and genuinely part of our business family. We strive to minimise our environmental footprint in every way possible, ensuring that we are as gentle as can be on the planet. 

Where do you find inspiration for your prints and colour combinations?

I chose a seventies-inspired theme for my first collection, drawing inspiration from vintage wallpaper! My memories of older relatives’ homes from my childhood also play a significant role in this creative process. These patterns hold a deep personal connection for me, making the collection extra special. What’s truly heartwarming is that this resonance extends to many of my customers. I’m inundated with messages and emails expressing the joy and nostalgia these designs evoke, reminding them of special people and moments. It really makes my heart swell.

It’s your first Finders Keepers, what can shoppers expect from your stall? 

I am so excited to participate in my Finders Keepers! Shoppers can expect to find lots of colours and take a peek at the beautiful Beddie collection in person. It will be a wonderful opportunity for shoppers to touch and feel the fabric and see the true colours. 

What have you learned through starting your business?

When I started my business, I had a laundry list of bedding pet peeves: a chaotic linen cupboard filled with unmarked sheets of various sizes, fitted sheets with short sides that constantly slipped off, and pillowcases that refused to stay put. That’s why I created Beddie – to eliminate all these annoyances and make bedtime a dream. I especially loved the idea of using zippers on our duvet covers, which ended the tedious buttoning process, so the look of the bed, all made up, is perfection.

I have learned two great ways of putting a doona into a doona cover, it becomes so quick and easy after a few goes. Stay tuned for the videos!

Can you tell us about a new product you’re really excited to release at the market?

I have 50 x 50cm Cushion Covers that I have just introduced, and they will be available at the market in 3 favourite florals. I’ll be offering bundle discounts, a free gift with orders over $100 and I’ll also have my exclusive Beddie Wool Dryer Balls! 

Are there any other makers you’re excited to see at the Sydney Finders Keepers Market? 

Oh my goodness, so many! 

  • Myii Creative – I could easily become a hoarder of her treasures; 
  • Shelby Sherritt – what a legendary artist! 
  • Stof Studios – Her earrings are “french kiss” and floral hand-held mirrors – oh my heart! 
  • Confetti Rebels – Amy is such a hard-working gal who puts her all into female empowerment, and all with fun, love, vulnerability, and glitz!

Any exciting projects coming in 2024?

Yes! I’ll add another design or two to the bedding collection in shades of blue and purple. I’m also developing a very cute range of digitally printed pillowcases featuring my limited-edition artworks. I also have sleepwear on the drawing board… 

Connect with Beddie:

Find Beddie at:
Sydney Design Market
Friday 8th December 4pm – 9pm
Saturday 9th December 10am – 5pm
Sunday 10th December 10am – 5pm
Hordern Pavilion, Moore Park
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