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Written by Erin
on 26 June, 2020

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Young Folks Digital

Erin from Young Folks Digital joins us for Business Savvy Tips, Edition 3!. Erin is a social media rockstar and has oodles of experience in helping brands tell their story. Erin is here to give-away some of her best trade tips for your social media success. Read and watch on for more to become your own social media superstar…

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“Social media can be a whole lot of fun but it’s still business. Which means you gotta pull yourself out of that content wormhole (it’s totally a thing) and ensure that, in addition to cultivating community and connection, you’re building a customer base and increasing sales!”

Let’s start with three essential tips for social media success

Social media offers brands a conduit to connect with their customers at scale but also in an intimate and authentic manner. It’s social, after all. But how do you go about growing a wildly successful brand on social media? What does it take to build a community that rallies around your brand as well as delivering traffic and sales online?

Tip 1. Share scroll-stopping images

Whatever social media platform you’re posting on, you gotta remember your content will be sandwiched between snaps of friends and family, food photos, hard-hitting news and funny memes.

With that in mind, your first order of business is to capture the attention of your target audience — to do this, you’re going to need scroll-stopping imagery. 

Capture your audience’s attention with high quality photographs, unique illustrations or original graphics that depict your brand and products.

Tip 2. Create captions that connect

Once you’ve captured the attention of your target audience with the aforementioned scroll-stopping imagery, the next step is to connect with them.

In order to connect with your audience or get them to take the desired action, you need to use a captivating caption to guide them.In ecommerce, you can mix it up between longer, more thoughtful posts and short snappy captions.

Tip 3. Don’t post and ghost!

One of the best ways to improve social media reach and engagement is by actually engaging with your audience (shock!).

And one of the easiest ways to achieve this is by spending 5-10 minutes engaging with content on the accounts and hashtags that are relevant to your brand each time you post something.

The best bit? This engagement will increase your impressions and brand awareness and will likely snag you new followers, too.

Next up, let’s dive into some social media hacks

Want to increase your reach and engagement on social media? Of course you do. Duh. Put these sneaky social media hacks into play the next time you’re doing it for the ‘gram or putting together your Pins.

1. Optimise your Pins on Pinterest 

You want to know something? Pinterest is both a social media platform and a search engine (insert: whiplash from that truth bomb).

This means that when you’re posting content on Pinterest you need to optimise both for engagement and discoverability. Next time you’re pinning, make sure you really dig into what keywords and search terms people might type in to discover this type of content.

Once you’ve wrapped your noggin around that, you can weave those terms into the pin description — conversationally, of course.

2. Link your Pins on Pinterest

Being that Pinterest is a search engine and social platform, we want to make sure you get some of that glorious exposure back to your website in the form of traffic.

So, make sure you link your Pins to relevant landing pages on your website or social media posts on other platforms.

3. Mix up your hashtags on Instagram

Whether you’re posting five hashtags in the caption or 30 in the comments, using a variety of hashtags remains the key to reaching more of your intended audience.

Take your time to trawl through hashtags on the gram manually and pull together a range of different hashtag sets to cycle through when posting.

Or, use a tool like Tagsfinder to speed up the process (just make sure to manually check tags so that they’re appropriate before posting).

4. Get interactive on Instagram

Instagram Stories offers a fun way to connect with your community one-to-one with its interactive stickers (think: polls, questions, sliders et al.).

The best bit? Once someone has engaged with an interactive sticker, you can tap the paper aeroplane emoji to strike up a convo in DMs with them. 

5. Reply and follow up

Now this is such a simple trick, but such a goodie. So, when you post on your Instagram feed and the comments start flowing in (because your content is so fly, of course) you want to reply to everyone right away — but don’t like the comment. 

Why? Because when you publish your next feed post you’re going to go back and like all the comments from the previous one.

That way, all the people that previously engaged get a notification and are more likely to see your new content.

6. Stick to native video

Whether you’re publishing to Facebook or LinkedIn, stick to uploading video directly to the platform instead of sharing YouTube links. Why? Because essentially Facebook and LinkedIn are in direct competition with Google for audience attention and don’t want to be sending their audiences off the platform.

Finally, let’s wrap with 3 tips for turning social into sales- more tips. Yes. thank you. you’re welcome …

Social media can be a whole lot of fun but it’s still business. Which means you gotta pull yourself out of that content wormhole (it’s totally a thing) and ensure that, in addition to cultivating community and connection, you’re building a customer base and increasing sales.

Tip 1. Social media is renting, not owning

Truth bomb: any audiences you build on social media platforms can be taken away in an instant — whether it’s an algorithm update or a platform going bust (RIP, MySpace).

This is why it’s super important to think of social media as renting, not owning. And why it’s vital that you turn that ‘rented’ audience into an ‘owned’ one.

Tip 2. Drive website traffic

Once people hit your website, you’ll be able to re-engage them with retargeting ads. You know that item that you looked at online that’s now following you around the internet in the form of digital advertising? Yup. That’s retargeting and it can be a powerful (and affordable)  means for getting sales over the line. Hello low-hanging fruit.

Tip 3. Snag some email subscribers

Another way to turn your social media following into an audience database that you own is by driving social media followers to subscribe to your newsletter. Whether that’s with some high-value content (such as early access to new collections) or a discount (such as 10% off first purchase for new subscribers), once email subscribers are on the list you can connect with them over and over again. Or even better yet, nurture them with email automations.

That’s a wrap folks. Love Erin xx

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