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Together we are stronger!

At the core of Finders Keepers is community. How can we work together? How can we do things differently? TOGETHER. It is our collaborative approach that leads us all to success. We have co-produced a series of short videos as a resource for you to – find, seek, love and keep in your own personal toolkit. These talented humans will share their business knowledge, tips and advice, to support you in putting your best foot forward in the ecommerce world!

As we move through these challenging times, we are all being asked to pivot and rethink how we can create sales and revenue? What does my business need? What tools do I need and who can I ask? This informative series will give you quick tips and insights as to how we can work together and share skills. Our goal is to build and create relationships, to support you in your business growth and to showcase our brilliant community of experts in fields such as Copywriting, SEO, Social Media and PR. 


As part of our #togetherwearestronger campaign, our first blog in this series is with @dearcharliemarketing. Charlie is an e-commerce superstar and is going to help you write irresistible product descriptions with your copy!

Get ready! We have co-produced a series of short videos as a resource for you to – find, seek, love and keep in your own personal toolkit, watch out for more videos to come and here’s the cheat sheet.

Copy – right! By Dear Charlie Marketing…

Want more information on how to craft the most incredible copy across your online store? Buckle in! This blog feature is jam-packed with pro-tips to give you the confidence to nail it every time.

Did you know? 85% of people say that the copy within your product listing is extremely important to their decision to purchase.

Don’t let this scare you! Writing pro-level copy is really easy once you know a few expert hacks to get you on your way. Here are some easy, but really important things to always remember when crafting any copy for your e-commerce business.

Question what’s happening in your customer’s world?

Always think about who your customer is, what is driving them to shop and what are they doing while they are shopping with you?

Hands up if you’re guilty of shopping online whilst also watching the TV and having a conversation with your friends.  Your attention flicking between the online store, the TV and Whatsapp? Yep, thought so. Me too.

There’s a well-quoted Microsoft study from 2015 that says our attention spans have dropped to a mere 8 seconds. Yikes.

In order to successfully sell, you need to be able to overcome all the distractions that your customer is facing when shopping online and get the information that you need them to know ASAP, before they lose attention and jump back to that Whatsapp chat.

Pro Tip: use bullet points to include all the key information for your product listing in an easy to read format. Avoid long descriptive chunks of text. Keep all your copy short and to the point” 


Make your life easier.

Want to reduce the amount of emails, DMs or messages that you’re receiving from customers asking seemingly obvious questions? It’s simple. Increase the amount of information you’re providing them in the product listing.

Now this seems like a no-brainer, but have a look through your product descriptions now and check whether you have included relevant delivery information (e.g. Free delivery over $50) or returns information within the product listing itself? 

Psst! This is especially important in Australia as we all know how much of a painful surprise the cost of shipping can be. Be upfront with this information and you won’t see as many customers running when they hit the checkout page.

“True fact: The effort of clicking through multiple pages to find out additional information is more likely to result in a customer dropping off your website forgetting to come back and purchase”


Use words that people use.

If you’ve not yet used Google Trends, say hello to your new best friend.

Google Trends is a savvy website that allows you to look-up a variety of keywords and see which are being searched more extensively across the world, Australia and State-by-State.

Google Trends is a double whammy of goodness for your listing. But why?

First-up, it lets you see what your customers are more likely to be searching for and then you can call your product the same thing. For example searches for Women’s Tee massively outperforms Women’s T-Shirts in Australia.

Secondly, it lets you see which words are being searched. This is important because you want to include these in your listing to help with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation, AKA how high up in a Google search you appear).

Use the words that your customers are using to describe your products. Talk to them in a way that is easy to understand. Avoid jargon. Combine all three and you’re onto a winner.

Finally, be consistent but not boring.

Just because you’re keeping things short and sweet, doesn’t mean you can’t put across some of your brand’s tone of voice. (Psst! Check out how well ASOS do this in their product listing bullet points for inspo).

Determine an order and a format for your product listings and product titles. Stick to this, but inject your brand’s winning personality throughout the copy.

This is important because customers get accustomed to looking for information in the same place, so by keeping the format same-same, but switching up the language, you’ll avoid being boring whilst still keeping things easy-to-understand.

Now you’re armed with this expert intel, you should be feeling confident about creating powerful e-commerce copy.

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