Adelaide AW16 Market: Shopping Highlights Part 2

The Finders Keepers Adelaide AW16 Market kicks off THIS FRIDAY!  Following on from our Shopping Highlights Part 1, you guessed it, here is part 2!

We’ve gathered up some jewellery, fashion and kids highlights to help get you in the mood for the market.  All of the designers featured will be setting up shop at the Adelaide Showground, Jubilee Pavilion on the Friday (evening) 12th, Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th August!   Yes, three huge days of market festivities!

For a more comprehensive list, you can also find out Adelaide market Directory here or better still, download our brand new FREE smartphone app, and hold the keys to the markets in the palm of your hand!




  1. Naomi Murrell
  2. A Silver Circle Design
  3. Atelier Nómada
  4. Alice Nightingale
  5. NaMoi Designs
  6. Naomi Bishop Jewellery
  7. Days of August
  8. Pretty parcel



  1. Anomaly Leathers
  2. Chook Shed
  3. Little Sister Co.
  4. Such Great Heights
  5. Mimaw
  6. Laura Blythman + Pete Cromer
  7. Ariella
  8. Gummy Beads

Art/Paper Goods:


  1. Ettie Ink
  2. Nicole Black
  3. Paper Parade
  4. The Nonsense Maker
  5. Hello Little Walnut
  6. Satin and Tat
  7. Claire Ishino
  8. Colour This. Design & Print

Images featured have been sourced from the designers listed.
Products picked by Monique Plunkett

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