Featured Artist: Lauren Carney

FK talks to Lauren Carney, the Brisbane based artist is the winner of our recent Art Competition and will be featured at our next Brisbane Markets.

Tell us about your style of art and what makes it unique?
I’m detail obsessed. My illustrations don’t have to overload the page, but what is there must be intricate and detailed in some way. Most of the content is based upon dreams, nature, and childhood memories. I like to explore femininity in various works too. The peculiar theme with traditional and digital mediums clumsily meshes together to create a portion of who I am on paper/canvas  etc.

When did you begin creating art and how do you think your approach has changed since then?
I was always making creative messes of epic proportions since I was 8, but began to take art more seriously in high school. My artistic style has drastically changed since then, and the content of my work reflects who I am now. To grow creatively and spiritually goes hand in hand. I always liked drawing at best, but now I’m starting to branch out and play with mixed mediums, paper craft and sewing. Fun times!

Who inspires you creatively?
Ultimately artists inspire other artists. It’s amazing how another’s work, whether it be photography, painting, music or sculpture, can impact on you. I need daily inspiration to function. Plus I am a total blog fiend, and lurk online for a good hour in the mornings peeping at other creative blogs like Daydream Lilly, The Design Files, and Where the Lovely Things Are (blogging plus tea sipping is a morning ritual).

What is your favourite creative thing to do in Brisbane?
I love going on adventures to places to be creatively inspired. I love people watching actually (it sounds creepy, but people are so fascinating) I can’t go a week without taking my art diary to a coffee shop to do drawings and take in the surroundings. Queen Street is the best for it – there are so many quirky characters that come and go.
Apart from that, frequenting art galleries, visiting markets, and checking out indie boutiques are favourite pastimes too!

What materials do you love working with and why?
I go through phases with materials, one week I’ll be obsessed with patterned paper, the next water colour paints. But I can’t go on without the traditional art liner pens and moleskin paper. I adore sewing with crazy bright patterns also, and get sewing withdrawals if I go too long without stitching up a pretty something or other.

What is it like to work as a freelance artist?
Challenging would be the key word! It is such fun, and I adore it, but channeling my creativity into a particular time frame is the hardest part!
I don’t really have any proper structure in my days, which probably isn’t a good thing, but at least each week something new and exciting is going on. I love what I do though, which is the most important thing!

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?
I have a huge art crush on Catherine Campbell, Mel Stringer along with street artists Ghostpatrol and Creepy. Any opportunity to collaborate with them would totally rock my world! Such a clever bunch!

What does winning our Finders Keepers Art Competition mean for you?
So much!! (Emphasis on the double exclamation marks) I went to the Brisbane markets last year and was blown away by the talented stallholders and the young trendy folk whom flocked from far and wide to see the goodies on display! I remember thinking “golly, it would be swell if one day I could be a part of this”. So I was delighted that I was given the opportunity to be a part of this year’s Finders Keepers!


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