Our Art competition winners!

We are very excited to announce our Finders Keepers Art Competition winner is…

Lauren Carney from Brisbane! The below artwork is what Lauren submitted to us and we think it best portrays who we are at the Finders Keepers! Congratulations Lauren and we’re very excited to see this artwork on t-shirts that will be available to buy at our upcoming events throughout 2010. Lauren wins a free stall at our markets in Brisbane so look out for her work on sale in June!


The winning entry! Lauren Carney from Brisbane http://www.laurencarneyart.com/

Lauren Carney is a polly pocket sized artist who inhabits the city of Brisbane. She is a curious, forgetful, quirky, confused and extremely indecisive piece of white meat, who enjoys the company of youngtrendies and artytypes. she also has a fine appreciation for all things handmade, arty, crafty and vintage.

We’re also very excited to share our fantastic runners up! Who will also be featured on our website over the coming months at our events. See below.

Ant Hayes artist based in Sydney http://www.antisant.com/

Ant is an Australian born illustrator / designer / doodler based in Sydney. His black and white illustrations sometimes feature a splash of colour as well as an unhealthy obsession with tentacles and pyramids. His illustrations can be found on anything from the back of a coaster right through to shoes, toys and t-shirts.


Emma Kidd from benconservato http://www.benconservato.com/

I am a Sydney based artist/illustrator obsessed with monsters and the strange. I like creating in gouache on paper, but have a degree in photography and printmaking too.


Jordan Clarke from the Art of Jordan http://theartofjordan.com/

Fascinated by all things dark, whimsical and vintage her work is characterized by a collision of Victorian vignettes, rockabilly pin-ups, religious iconography, tattooing, 20th century circus and fairground lore, to name but a few. Employing a variety of traditional and digital techniques, Jordan aims to create haunting, bold and colourful artworks.

Jefferton James from Cute as Fudge artist based in Sydney http://www.cuteasfudgefactory.blogspot.com/

Sydney based illustrator and graphic designer, Jefferton James, has been running his own small Design studio since 2007, focusing on design for the music industry. Cute As Fudge was born from a conversation with a peer, speculating about the “perfect” design studio – one that’s sole basis was designing for the world of the performing arts. Starting with only one band the business expanded through word of mouth and by early 2008, Jefferton was designing for major companies including MTV and Sony Bmg. Although the vision of the studio is to remain independent and to nurture a continuing relationship with bands over many years , the occasional big job helps make this a reality.

Beth Emily http://www.beth-emily.com/

Beth-Emily is multi-disciplinary creative with a background in illustration, print-making and graphic design. Based in Hobart, Tasmania, Beth likes to collaborate with other like-minded creatives.

Beth takes delight in the study of nature and her approach to figurative illustration combines the fantastical world of her imagination with representations of real-world flora and fuana. She also loves to draw from her roots as a printmaker and experiment with fusing figurative illustrations with abstract and tactile imagery.

Congratulations on all our winning entries and look out for these artists to be featured at our events on our website in the upcoming months! We would also like to thank and acknowledge all the entries we got for the art competiton – we had an amazing response and here is a sneak peek of some of the other amazing entries we got in!

Adam Lau – http://www.adamlaudesign.com/

Eugenia Tsimiklis – http://www.emikli.com/

Yuki Nakano – http://yukinakano.com/

Megan Manning – http://theeverdazzling.blogspot.com/

Ashleigh Steel – http://ashdesignsthings.blogspot.com/

Jess Hyde – http://www.truthbetolddesign.blogspot.com/

Meeri Anneli – http://meeri-anneli.tumblr.com/

Alison Richards – http://www.alisonrichards.net/

Nathaniel Kiwi – http://www.nathanielkiwi.com/

Kirbee Lawler – http://sugarsweetdreams.tumblr.com/


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