Creative Catch Up With Botanik The Label

Debuting at Finders Keepers this season is textile artist Miranda Earle, the designer behind Botanik The Label. Based in the Blue Mountains, Miranda joins the Sydney/Eora Market lineup on June 16-18 at the Hordern Pavilion with her beautiful collection of ethically made slow-fashion. Read on as we share our Creative Catch Up and learn more about Miranda’s inspiration, creative space and her debut market collection! You’ll find

What inspired you to start Botanik?

My artwork and my creative process have always been inspired by nature. After many years of creating and printing fabrics by hand, I decided to create a clothing label that would feature my prints and reflect my values and everything that I wanted in comfortable, sustainable clothing.

What did you do before you started your label?

I started my career in primary teaching in the Steiner system before working full-time in my own art practice after I had my children. I developed a love of designing and printing fabrics and drew my inspiration from Australian plants and flowers, which are so unique and beautiful and just an endless source of inspiration to me. My process involved hand carving my own printing blocks, hand-printing them onto my fabrics and then sewing my clothing designs by hand. While there was so much that I loved about this process, it became clear that it was too labour-intensive for me to sustain, so I started Botanik the Label, upscaling production and allowing me to reach a wider audience.

What’s your favourite piece or print that you’ve designed?

For me, the Margaret dress in Kangaroo Paw print is the ultimate! I love the mustard colour and designed everything I wanted in a dress into this piece. It is comfortable, versatile, flattering, and can be dressed up or worn casually.

What do you love most about slow fashion and designing textiles?

I really love the creative flow of drawing beautiful plants and drafting repeat pattern designs. It is just a very satisfying process, a bit like a combination of drawing and completing a jigsaw puzzle. When it comes to the clothing design process, I just design what I know I would love to wear. I am a busy mum, entrepreneur as well as working professional, so I want my clothes to be comfortable, natural and versatile. Bringing this vision to life is like a wonderful dream come true.

What’s your creative space like?

At the moment, my workspace is in a state of flux as we have only recently moved into the home we built, and I am currently setting up the workspace. I am so lucky to have a wonderful large space, freshly painted with everything I need. When it is all setup, you will see a dedicated workspace for sewing and sampling, my large printing table where I print my designs by hand and a drafting table for drawing and creating repeat pattern designs. I am very hands-on in my creating process and have not fully embraced a digital approach to design, so my drafting table is covered with large sheets of graph and tracing paper.

It’s your first Finders Keepers – what are you most excited about?

Yes! It is my first FK and my first market like this ever! I am excited to be meeting people and seeing their reactions to my work face to face, getting immediate feedback and also seeing all the wonderful stalls and creations that I am sure to find so inspiring.

Are you debuting a new collection?

Yes, this is a brand new venture and has actually been years in the making. It has been a real labour of love not only to design and create the pieces but also to find the right sustainable fabrics, inks and, most especially, the right manufacturers with ethical and sustainable certifications that I can stand behind. I am so proud of this collection and feel it reflects something unique and beautiful about life in this beautiful land.

What’s a song you’d love to add to the Market Playlist?

Follow the Sun by Xavier Rudd – That song always gives me a warm glow and fills my heart with hope and positivity.

Connect with Botanik The Label:
Instagram: @botanik_the_label

Find Botanik The Label at:

Sydney/Eora Design Market
Friday 16th June 4pm – 9pm
Saturday 17th June 10am – 5pm
Sunday 18th June 10am – 5pm
The Hordern Pavilion
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