Creative Catch Up With Emma Morgan

Based on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Emma Morgan is an illustrator and homewares designer who creates an eclectic range of collectable and accessible items for animal and plant lovers alike. Emma has just joined our Online Marketplace so we caught up with her for insights on what she’s been up to, her Melbourne maker faves and how she staying positive. Thanks, Emma for sharing your journey with us!

Can you share your artistic journey since we last saw you?

If anything, I’m just experimenting a little bit more with watercolour painting which I’ve always loved – I’ve started painting a lot more native Australian flora to compliment my animals, as I spend more time on a farm down the peninsula that grows wildflowers! Such a privilege to go there to do floristry with all the banksia and protea species of your dreams – it’s so hard not to be inspired by the garden.

What do you love about Melbourne, and what other Melbourne Makers do you love?

I just adore Melbourne – she’s so relaxed, and I always feel so refreshed after wandering around. There’s always something fun going on though, and I love accidentally stumbling across new cafes to try and galleries to peruse. So many makers I love, but my favourites are Bridget Bodenham and her stunning ceramics (I always buy something from her at FK!!), Chloe McColl and her beautifully quirky jewels and sweet Emily at The Nonsense Maker always has the best gift cards! 

Can you share some tips for those of us at home that would like to dabble in surface and print design?

Find something that you’re really interested in – whether its pattern, colour, a topic, an object/thing etc because it’ll help you conceptualise a design and enjoy the process more! You can learn so much from looking at artists from history & contemporary artists alike too; see how they compose things and use colour/materials etc. But let yourself make a mess and don’t take it too seriously to start with; paint, draw, sculpt, collage etc whatever you feel comfortable trying, but just play, have fun and see where it takes you – I promise you’ll get better as you keep trying! 

How do you stay positive, and why is it so important to translate that via your work? 

It’s not always easy to stay positive, especially at the moment – I’m so lucky that I can indulge in painting, drawing and sewing to keep my little brain happy. But I tend to remind myself to be grateful for all of the things that I have, even if it’s simple or small like your morning cup of coffee, pets or a walk in nature… I think with everything the world is facing right now, as creatives, we can offer people a nice distraction with our work (even if it’s just brief) and I always hope that my creations give a little joy to those who need it most. 

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