Business Savvy Tips Edition 5: Online Payments with Pin Payments

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Are you ready to accept online payments and don’t know where to start? The time is definitely now! Join Edition 5 of Business Savvy Tips with Australian payment provider, Pin Payments. Start accepting payments, your way!

The Finders Keepers has partnered with Pin Payments to provide you with a single account that enables you to take payments in multiple ways! Don’t miss their special discount just for the Finders Keepers community, located at the end of the feature.

Get started with Pin Payments

Pin Payments build modern solutions for small businesses who need to accept payments online, without any unnecessary complexity or costs getting in their way. Our Australian based team supports over 12,000 businesses in Australia and New Zealand every day.

In this video Pin Payments will help you figure out what features might suit your business when selecting a card payment provider. They’ve gathered several ways a business can take card payments on online. Adding payment to your website, integrating card payments into your custom website, adding card payments to your invoices plus selling globally. Get ready to check in and check out!

Download Pin Payments checklist of helpful features that online payment providers can offer. You’ll find this useful when considering what best suits your payment requirements. Get ticking to narrow down your needs to approach the most appropriate provider for your business and read on for more!

Download the Checklist here.

Why take card payments?

Many small business owners make assumptions about accepting credit card payments. Some worry that they need to have an online store, complicated software or that it’s too expensive to accept card payments. 

The truth is, if your business isn’t set up to receive card payments, you could be losing sales. 

So, where do you begin? We’ve gathered several ways that a business can take card payments. 

Accepting card payments without a website 

You don’t need a fancy website or mobile payment app to accept payments online. Look out for services that provide you with your own secure  payment page. You can share a link to your payment page with your customers via email, SMS or your invoice and receive payments securely.  

This feature works well for businesses that have a Facebook or Instagram account but do not have a shopping cart in place. Our customer Forage Flowers is an excellent example of this. Pin Payments includes a ready-made secure payment page that also includes the option to pass on the processing fees using a surcharge.

Adding payments to your website 

For businesses using an ecommerce platform, you’ll need to connect your website to a payment gateway before you can accept card payments. There are several payment providers in the market, but don’t fall into the trap of only going for the lowest rate, as the actual cost may be hidden in the fine print and additional fees.

Be aware of providers who charge a monthly fee just to keep your account open, or those who impose an exit fee when you need to upgrade to another provider. Look for services who can support you with a local team, as having help on hand will save you a lot of headaches in the long run. 
Pin Payments integrates with ecommerce providers like WooCommerce and Shopify, making it easy for you to launch your own quality online store.

Building a customised website 

For businesses looking to build their bespoke website, integrating payments shouldn’t be the challenging part. You’ll want modern APIs that are well documented and easy to use. You’ll also want to create a seamless checkout process for your customers to optimise conversion. 

Our Hosted Fields feature makes it easy for you to integrate payments while helping to minimise PCI-DSS compliance scope. Finders Keepers marketplace is an example of our solution working in the background of a custom field website. 

Adding card payments to your invoices 

Invoices are a necessary part of a wholesale business. Giving your customers the option to pay by card means more flexibility and convenience for purchasers – and a much better chance you’ll get paid sooner. If the provider can integrate with your accounting software, such as Xero, that’s even better.

Each Pin Payments account includes a Xero add-on that enables you to offer customers the option of paying Xero invoices using their credit or debit card online.

Selling globally

If you’re looking to sell to international markets, you’ll want the ability to accept card payments in multiple currencies allowing you to offer localised pricing for international customers. If you have foreign suppliers, you might also want to settle your funds in the foreign currency to help you better manage your payments. 

See MeMeMe press for an example of a merchant that accepts multiple currencies for their business. 

Get started with Pin Payments

We’re delighted to offer Finders Keepers stallholders accept a special rate of 1.5% + 30c for Visa and Mastercard domestic card transactions. There are no set-up costs, ongoing fees or lock-in contract. Sign up here to get started.


Payment gateway 
A payment gateway is a software interface that enables a website or application to submit requests to charge a customer’s payment card a particular amount of money.

By itself, a payment gateway cannot process the transaction, an online merchant account is also required. A merchant account is a facility a business will open at a bank or payment processor to accept the requests from a payment gateway to charge their customer’s credit card. (Note we  provide a single account that combines both the payment gateway and merchant account). 

API stands for Application Programming Interface. An API is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. Our APIs help businesses to create charges against their customers’ cards and transfer funds to bank accounts. 

PCI and DSS compliance 
The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) are requirements that all Australian businesses that accept card payments need to comply regardless of their business size. The level of compliance will depend on the business situation.

How Pin Payments can help with PCI DSS compliance 

Pin Payments can assist so that sensitive card data never touches your servers. If you’re integrating our Hosted Fields interface, or using any of the payment tools accessible from within your Pin Payments dashboard, then you can qualify for the 4-page SAQ A versus the more in-depth 40-page SAQ A-EP. Find out more here.

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