Five Questions With ts makers

Written by Tim, Sarah & Ned

Whether you’re snacking for one or gathering with 10 ts makers will make the small moments extra special with their handcrafted timber serving board series by husband and wife duo, Sarah and Tim!

Having started ts makers’ as a way to combine their skills and passion for carpentry and design, and an excuse to hang out in the workshop with our cute as cattle dog, Ned! We think they are on to something and we’re so proud to host ts makers on Finders Keepers Online Marketplace! Read on and get to know ts makers, what they are up to and digging atm! There’s even some inspo to get you in the mood for your next gathering!

1. Who is behind ts makers and how did it start?

ts makers’ is a partnership between my husband Tim and I. We come from carpentry and design backgrounds and are obsessed with beautiful, minimal homewares. We love timeless products that are built to last and believe in buying less, buying better with a focus on sustainability. All of our products are handmade by us using reclaimed Australian timbers. Our core range of hardwood serving boards features a seventies-inspired squiggle design, as well as round and classic, rectangular shapes. We started ts makers’ as a way to combine our skills and passion for carpentry and design, but mainly it’s just an excuse to hang out in the workshop with our cattle dog, Ned.

What influences your work, and what sparks your creativity?

I’m hugely inspired by interiors and spend a lot of time on sites like Sight Unseen, Domino and The Design Files. Tim comes from a lifetime of skateboarding and that DIY mindset is very handy when it comes to figuring out new designs and how to actualise them. We both love bold colours and classic minimal pieces so our products and aesthetic reflect that. Cooking and eating with family and friends is a huge part of our lives, so we’re constantly inspired to create functional, beautiful products that we’d use in our own home. 

How has the COVID-19 crisis affected your business and how have you managed to navigate through this period?

We’ve been fortunate that with people stuck at home they’re looking for homewares to brighten their time in isolation. Thankfully things have remained steady for us, but we have been heartbroken to see some retailers and businesses we adore having a very hard time. 

What are you watching right now that is inspiring and uplifting you?

We just finished the new High Fidelity series, starring Zoë Kravitz. It definitely lives up to the original movie standards in our view and Questlove from The Roots was one of the music supervisors so the soundtrack is incredible. 

Where can we find your work, follow your making adventures or shop your range?

You can check out our website here: and shop ts maker at Finders Keepers Onlinemarkplace too!

Or, follow us on Instagram or Facebook:

Can you share your ideal ‘at home gathering’, who would you invite, what would you graze on and listen too?

After months of isolation we’re really looking forward to hosting friends and family again, so we’d be inviting as many people as we could possibly fit in our apartment! To make an inviting space we always have a candle going, flowers, soft lighting and a record playing in the background – we tend to rotate between Neil Young, Arcade Fire and Radiohead depending on the guests.

We’d be using our Squiggle Serving Board for a cheese platter (at 60cm long it’s perfect for a big group) and would serve our favourite cheeses including manchego, goat brie and marinated fetta. We also can’t forget the sourdough, olives, nuts and a good crisp pear…with a few bottles of wine on the side!

To set the scene we’d pick:

Native candle from Happy Society. We’re big fans of theirs and have lit this at a few dinner parties! Plus the stunning plates from Bridget Bodenham and tea towel from Togetherness, which might be too nice to use!

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