Embracing Body Positivity with Renee Loves Frances

We’re shining a light on clever makers creating thoughtful designs. Keep reading as we delve into the power of positive body image, but first a note on body positivity from designer Renee of Renee Loves Frances…

“Body positivity is something we all need to embrace. Together let’s stop the war on our bodies and start loving our individuality – if we all looked the same what a boring world it would be. I aim to create clothing that embraces you and lets your true self shine. We are all beautiful in our own way, let’s start living a life free of negative body thoughts. We weren’t born hating our bodies, we were taught this. Let’s change that and dance in the rays of positivity.” Renee from Renee love Frances

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Tell us about your Brisbane born label and how body positivity plays a role in your design process.

Renee Loves Frances is a clothing line that I have created to make women smile and feel loved in. 

After leaving school and trying to find my “real job” I would always find myself on the weekends at the local market selling wears I had made myself. I realised pretty quickly this was my happy place, this is what I wanted to do. I soon after quit my day job, dropped out of uni and followed my dream and Renee Loves Frances was created.

I set out with the goal to embrace all body types with fashion, design clothing that is comfortable, supportive and filled with love. I hope those who wear RLF feel the love and joy intended for them while wearing every item. Most of all I hope you feel like your true self!

Self-expression through fashion is so joyful. Do you have a fashion memory that’s stuck with you or shaped your career?

Clothing should make you smile and feel happy. It should embrace who you are and dance through the day with you. Being a Queensland girl the summer months are a huge inspiration to my designs. Long floaty dresses that catch the summer breeze, colours that remind you of ice cream and sunsets and days spent by the sea where it feels like time stands still. It’s these moments I want to capture forever. That summer feeling has shaped my brand and will always be apart of my soul. RLF is my interpretation of an endless summer.

What inspires you?

Flowers, crystals, the sea, birds, colour, sunsets this list is long. There is so much beauty around us, I feel inspired every day to play with all these elements and create pretty things.

The Embrace Documentary by Taryn Brumfitt – it changed my life!

When do you feel most empowered as a woman?

When I see other women living their dreams. Dreams mean hard work and sometimes it can take a village. I find nothing more empowering than when women live their truth, following their hearts, sticking at it through thick and thin.

‘Be Free. Be brave. Believe in love. Follow your dreams. Live in the moment and always be kind. Be You’!

Renee Loves Frances
Right image: Tanya Brumfitt from the Body Image Movement and Renee of RLF

“If is not the sole purpose of your life to be at war with your body, so dive in the ocean, jump in the pool and make every moment count”

Tarya Brunfitt – Body Image Movement

Tell us a bit about the new range joining you at Finders Keepers this season, is there a favourite piece?

My new range in a collaboration Tanya Brumfitt from the Body Image Movement and focuses on the playfulness of colour. I am very excited that a percentage of each item with go to funding the Embrace Kids Documentary. 

With my most abstract print to date, I had a ball working with my favourite colours in a new form to create designs to inspire your inner child and a reminder to just have fun with clothing. Wrap your body in good vi

Is there a woman or women that have really shaped your journey as a designer? Is there a quote that really resonates with you? 

My mum. My Mothers wedding photos are my favourite photos of all time. The bell sleeves, the 70’s flower print, and windblown hair. She made her own dress and picked her own flowers, it was effortlessly beautiful.

This sponsored post was produced collaboratively with Sydney SS19 stallholder Renee Loves Frances.


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