Five Questions With Apiary Made

Written by Celeste Faltyn
on 25 September, 2019

Makers of handy-dandy beeswax wraps as well as many more unbee-leivable products, the Apiary Made range is handmade by Celeste Faltyn and a small team in Kilsyth, Victoria. We are bee-yond excited to share more about this wonderful business, who took a hive-five to answer some questions on their latest creations and what to get excited about this season at Finders Keepers in Melbourne! Can we squeeze in any more bee puns? Honey, I bee-leive we can! 

Tell us about Apiary Made and how bees have become your inspiration and your life!

Apiary Made is a small business that makes a range of goods that are derived from the produce of the beehive. Each of our products features beeswax or honey or both and are considered from start to finish as a product that is good for the environment, for the person using them and for the bees that help us create them.

I’ve always wanted to be involved in farming in some way and the concept of farming bees really came to the fore for me when I learned about Jelly Bush Honey and how good it is for you. So I started with one hive, then two and so on. I started producing skincare and then bottling the honey produced by my bees. The bees fascinate me so much in how intelligent and diligent they are. Now each time I handle them, I learn more about them and just appreciate the enormous amount they contribute to us as a species. 

What is your speciality at Apiary Made?

We would consider the beeswax wraps to be our speciality at Apiary Made. We really take the time to ensure we are making a product that not only works and lasts a long time but is also a product that has been thought through. From the fabrics and how they are produced to the design and where we get our beeswax from. 

Apart from beekeeping what are your little pleasures of life and how do you slow down? 

I’m pleased to say that I have a few pleasures in life that I get to enjoy and make a conscious effort to appreciate. I’m a horse rider and get to do that around once a week. It really takes me away to another place where I think of nothing but riding and I finish feeling thoroughly refreshed, if not a little stiff. I also love food and wine, so eating out is always a bit of an opportunity to appreciate great produce made by others. In an effort not to pick up my phone or computer at night, I have started knitting which has varying degrees of success but much of which I donate. Lastly, walking my dogs in the bush morning and night. They are so exuberant and there’s something joyous about a simple walk that reminds me daily to enjoy the small things and stay in the moment. 

Can you share something people might not know about bees? 

One point people may not know about bees is that the queen bee is not the head of the hive and does not give orders to the other bees! In fact, the hive has what is referred to as ‘hive mind’. It is a fascinating phenomenon that is a collective intelligence of the hive. They all work towards a common goal to see the hive prosper and thrive and it all happens in a very democratic manner. This creates an environment of mutual respect and shared interest. Something that we try and incorporate a little of at Apiary Made HQ! 

You’ve been a part of the Finders Keepers community for a little while now! Tell us about what products you’ll be bringing and what keeps you coming back! 

Finders Keepers has really become a part of the fun in our business and an annual pilgrimage interstate for Sydney events. The Finders crew are always great to deal with. The atmosphere and turn out is a testament to how Finders curate their events, the great makers they get coming back and the new ones alike. This is important to a business when you put in so much time for an event. We really enjoy attending them and being able to chat to our customers face to face. It is a great opportunity for us to hear their feedback directly. 

We will be bringing along our new Australian Aboriginal Artists range of beeswax wraps to the October event which is really exciting for us. We commissioned artworks from Alice Nampijinpa Michaels who works with the Warlu Artists Association. They are stunning designs and part of the proceeds go back to Alice and her community.

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