Five Questions With Sistawood

Written by Patricia and Jacqui
on 06 September, 2017

This post was first published on July 8, 2017


Image features sistawood’s stall at the AW16 Melbourne Finders Keepers Market – Photo by Mark Lobo

Continuing with the sister theme, we chat with Patricia and Jacqui, you guessed it, the sisters behind Sistawood!  These two powerhouses make these delightful succulent pots by hand, as well as a range of other handy products.  Read on to discover more about this label, and catch their stall at our Melbourne market, 20-22 October! 

Tell us a little about yourself and how you came to begin your label?
Sistawood is a quirky collaboration of design, wood and imagination – created by two sisters with a love for hand craft.

As we’re both creative enthusiasts, as well as extremely visionary people, starting this business seemed to be the perfect new adventure.

Our journey began over 2 years ago in the small town of Nagambie Victoria. Taking over the backyard shed with saw dust in our hair, wood shavings in our boots and a whole new appreciation for power tools, our brand began to evolve before our eyes. Starting with just 12 handmade succulent pots in 2015 at our first local market, to 600 pots 12 months later at the Finders Keepers, our journey to say the least has been un-freaking-believable!


image features Stationery holder in mint – designed and made by sistawood


image features Hand dotted succulent planter – designed and made by sistawood



image features hand painted succulent planters – designed and made by sistawood

What would be one piece of advice you would give a first time seller at The Finders Keepers?
Organisation. the Finders Keepers is an awesome experience for new and existing labels, and to sell your product well is to not only sell it with pride, but to let it sell itself with an organised, eye-catching, creative display. Think about the product and packaging, the best way to exhibit the product and what compliments the product within your setup.

Tell us something exciting that you have planned for Sistawood this year?
Sistawood is always striving to impress our customers with new designs and new creations. After the release of our new placemat and coaster sets, we’re excited to be sharing these with our Finders friends for the AW17 Melbourne Finders Keepers in July. We took 10 to trial at our last market, to see what our customers thought of the new product – they loved them. As for the rest of the year…you’ll have to wait and see!




image features tools of the trade and Resin coated coaster set – designed and made by Sistawood


Image features sistawood’s stall at the AW16 Melbourne Finders Keepers Market – Photo by Mark Lobo


image features Resin coated coaster set and Hand painted succulent planter – designed and made by Sistawood

Name one resource that your label could not live without?
Dad’s drill press. Sistawood originally use to hand carve all of our wooden succulent planters from start to finish. After further examination from Dad (father duties) and sore arms for a week, we decided it was time to claim Dad’s old drill press.

This now saves so much time and allows for more hours spent elsewhere within the business. As our top selling and original product, it feels so rewarding to see that our succulent planters are still our number 1.

Tell us about your favourite product from your collection.
Ooooh this is tricky – we love ALL our products. If we have to choose one, it would be our placemat and coaster sets. These beauties are almost a fine art in themselves. Made from plywood and a two part resin coating, not only do these sets look gorgeous, but they are incredibly durable and easy to maintain. They are easy enough to wipe down any spills and handle heat like you wouldn’t believe. With multiple designs to choose from, our sets will complement most household colour schemes and decor.


image features Resin coated, marble designed, placemat and coaster set –  handmade by sistawood

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