Gift Guide: For the Kids With Minimnt

Written by Ashleigh
on 10 August, 2017

We asked Ashleigh, of Sydney based kids label Minimnt to pull together some fun gift ideas For the Kids. What was Ashleigh’s inspiration?

Kids are like little bubbles of energy, ready to burst from excitement! That’s why we think their clothes, toys and bedrooms should be as unique and crazy as them. I’ve picked out 10 awesome products to get you inspired, now go see what’s out there!

Sounds like so much fun!  Read on for Ashleigh’s exciting round up of local and ethical products.


1. O My, Fish Eye! By Beach & Bandits
2. Chasing Inky by Electric Confetti
3. My Treasure Board by Onetwotree
4. Palm 2 by Victor Fox
5. Fox Gathered Dress by Minimnt
6. Backpack Mini Victor Fox Limited Edition by The Little Vikings
7. Cool Kids Flag by Woouf
8. Alternative Leopard Leggings by Talking Red
9. Desert is Alive Floor Cushion by Little Wolff
10. Electric Boots by Pretty Brave

About Minimnt
Hey I’m Ashleigh and I have a kids clothing label called Minimnt. I think of myself as a big kid designing for little kids. I love how unapologetic kids are, when they hate something they’ll stick their tongue out but when they like something they really love it and will wear it every single day. That’s what I strive for. Designing for kids is the best job I could have ever fallen into, as I love colour, prints and small things.

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