Five Questions With Marit Hamer

Written by Marit Hamer
on 05 July, 2017

image features Marit Hamer’s stall at the Sydney AW17 Finders Keepers Market – Photo by Mark Lobo

Quite possibly one of the busiest stalls at our recent Sydney market, we are so excited that Marit Hamer will be joining us on our Melbourne leg of the season. Read on to discover more about this unique and inspired Melbourne based jewellery label. 

Tell us a little about yourself and how you came to begin your label.
My brand developed quite unexpectedly. I studied architecture but at the end of two degrees I came to the realisation that I dislike using computers quite a lot! I wanted to find a way to be creative in a hands on way instead.

I happened upon a stone I wanted to make into a pendant for myself and had a lot of copper left over from one of my models from university. Friends and acquaintances all wanted me to make them one after seeing it and so my business slowly grew from there. I was driven by a craving for something unique and I love being able to create that for other people as well. That one of a kind element is apparent in nature more than anywhere else and so I wanted to use natural rocks with all of their perfect imperfections in conjunction with the warmth and changeability of copper.


image features jewellery – handmade and designed by Marit Hamer


image features Marit Hamer’s stall at the Sydney AW17 Finders Keepers Market – Photo by Mark Lobo


image features pendants – handmade and designed by Marit Hamer

What would be one piece of advice you would give a first time seller at The Finders Keepers?
Ask for help! When I did my first market I was incredibly nervous and stressed getting ready for it and I put a lot of pressure on myself. I wouldn’t of been able to get everything finished without help. I found my friends were excited to help me achieve that milestone and I would have melted down without that support so don’t feel like you have to manage everything alone. It’s important to be as prepared as possible but don’t kill yourself!

Tell us something exciting that you have planned for Marit Hamer this year [or next 12 months].
I have so many pet projects it’s hard to pick just one. The one I’m most excited about it branching into a small collection of stone and mineral objects combining my love of architecture with hands on creation. I’ve always wanted to branch out from jewellery as I think rocks have so much potential for beauty and I’m keen to try to grapple with it in a new way soon. I like everything I make to be unique which keeps each new piece exciting for me to make and so this will be a new way for me to experiment.


image features Opalite Pendant – handmade and designed by Marit Hamer


image features Electroformed Rings– handmade and designed by Marit Hamer


image features Selenite Pendant – handmade and designed by Marit Hamer

Name one resource that your label could not live without. 
The most important resource for my brand would have to be the creative community which exists at these markets. The amazing people you meet at markets like Finders Keepers and my local Rose Street Artists’ Market are the most supportive and helpful group of people. It’s so great to be able to get advice from people going through the exact same thing you are and even just to be in an environment where everyone loves what they’re doing is so wonderful!

Tell us about your favourite product from your collection.
It changes all the time! Every time I find a new stone to use or see a particularly beautiful presentation of certain stones I get a new favourite. It’s very hard to sell and let go of certain ones because I want to keep so many of them but my all-time favourite stone to use has to be Selenite. It was the one that started it all and has the most amazing shine and a peculiar rectilinear form for a natural stone.


image features Marit Hamer’s stall at the Sydney AW17 Finders Keepers Market – Photo by Mark Lobo


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