Featured Product: Cup and Saucer by Bridget Bodenham


Image features Ceramic cup and saucer – handmade by Bridget Bodenham

It’s almost a little crazy to think that a ceramist today would be considered a household name.  Crazy in a good way, in the way that means more and more people out there are discovering the magic behind handmade purchases.

Bridget Bodenham is most certainly a household name in the art and design world.  She creates absolutely stunning ceramics, that are almost always one-of-a-kind.  Their quirky, organic traits really emphasise the handmade nature of the product, and her sweet touches such as super-shiny gold glaze make them feel oh-so-special.

If you love a tea lover, and are shopping for a Christmas gift, then be sure to visit the Bridget Bodenham stall at our Sydney market next weekend.  You’ll be able to pick up a cup and saucer for $55 in a plethora of patterns, shapes and sizes.

Prepare to be overwhelmed, and perhaps have a game-plan, because Bridget’s stall will be chock-o-block of ceramic wonderfulness.  Visit Bridget’s online store here, and follow her instagram updates here too.


Image features Bridget’s concept illustrations


Image features Ceramic cup and saucer – handmade by Bridget Bodenham


Image features Ceramic cup and saucers – handmade by Bridget Bodenham

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