February 2014 Gift Guide: Valentines

Valentines Day.  Fan or no fan, any occasion designed to share your love with someone can’t be a bad thing right?  To keep with the spirit of sharing love and lovely things, we have six fabulous guest contributors who were armed with the task of finding the most romantic indie design & art products on the internet.  We’ve got loved up finds from Australia and around the world!  We hope you enjoy this as much as we did putting it together!

Studio Home Gift Guide Underwear PillowcasesJulia from Studio Home shares her top 6 picks:

1. Claudia Bra by Hopeless Lingerie
2. King and Queen pillowcases by the Art Room
3. Essential Oil Burner by Page Thirty Three
4. Poppy Nail Polish by Kester Black
5. Triangular Roses cushion by Home Base Collections
6. White Light print by Yanni Floros

thesentilmentalist Gift Guide art pot plant valentines gift

Fiona from The Sentimentalist shares her top 6 picks:

1. 10 Foot Bondwood – Pink  by The Sentimentalist
2. Oh Darling, handprinted jute market tote by Millie
3. Gem Vessel Pink by Beneath The Sun
4. Romantic card Husband and Wife 4 Life by Able and Game
5. Kiss Me tealighthaus by m2matiz
6. Earrings Skateboard Beads Silver Drop by Deadwood Creative

Strangerstranger Gift Guide Handmade Valentines Local heart

Laura from Stranger Stranger shares her top 6 picks:

1. LOVE Poster from Craig and Karl
2. Custom Keyring Set by Marvellous Stationery
3. Infinite Love Rings by Strange Stranger
4. Red Leather Plant Holder by Clone Designs
5. Limited Edition Heart Brooch by Each to Own
6. Elizabeth Rope Bag by Zillpa

Blog Society Gifts valentines candle romanic best gifts valentines day wedding topper

Jaclyn from Blog Society shares her top 6 picks:

1. Hello Lover pillowcase by Club of Odd Volumes
2. Scented Candle by Beck Candle
3. You and Me body Suit by Madonna Bain
4. Cake Toppers by Truth Be Told
5. Picnic Hamper from Pop Up
6. Body Lotion by Myrtle & Moss


Holly from The Flower Drum shares her top 6 picks:

1. You’re My Favourite card by Fox & Beau
2. The Flower Drum Vs The Badass Club Pillow Pjs By The Flower Drum
3. Rose Mini Heart Pendant by Linda Tahija
4. FRENCH Baby Pink leather bay with banane by Jen Booth
5. Cinematic Light Box by Page Thirty Three
6. Wall Bottle Opener by Salty’s

Alice Nightingale Round towel dress

Alice from Alice Nightingale shares her top 6 picks:

1. Roundie Towel by The Beach People from The Horse
2. Daisy Flower Hook Earrings by Michelle Pujol
3. My Secrets Are Safe print by Gretel Girl
4. Rosie Dress by Alice Nightingale
5. U&ME woodtype letterpress card by Paper Elephant
6. Sally Bra by Nico Underwear

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