Featured Space: The School

FK chats to the very talented stylist Megan Morton of Sydney based space, The School! Helping ignite your inner creative!

Tell us a bit about The School and the idea behind it.
I always wanted a space where I could pass on all the knowledge I have learned from my 13 years styling. I had co owned photographic studios in the past so when we built The Studio it seemed ideal to start The School.

What is your background and what lead you to where you are today?
I am an Ex marketing director. So a corporate turned stylist! I have lots of advice for those wanting a U/turn in their careers!

What sort of classes can we expect to find at The School, and the craftspeople taking them?

Anything that gives the student a full term lesson, so they walk out with a guaranteed beautiful product and the ability to go home and produce more! We have had people do weddings worth of Flower Bombs from our Holly Hipwell flower bomb class, incredible rooms and halls filled with tassel garlands from Tamara Maynes and Harriet Goodall Fluro basketry class with obscenely beautiful families of baskets.

What do you love most about running The School?
Deciding what cake and tea to put on! Having The Propery next door is instrumental to why the room and atmosphere changes with each and every class. The best thing is to see people’s true joy when they realise that they can really make something exquisite and special.

What inspires you about your surroundings and what other aspects about Rosebery do you love?
Being neighbours to Russel and Sasha Koskela and eating Kitchen by Mike pork belly as much as I can – a work environment doesn’t really get better than this!

What challenges have you faced running and setting up your own business?
So many! We are a super small but big looking business. I love styling and never want to stop, so it’s a very challenging and sometimes varied week!

What have the responses been like so far?
Nearly all of our classes sell out before our edm goes out!

What new classes are you working on for the remainder of 2012?
Hosting Abigal Ahern from the UK is big for us so we are, in turn, taking the joy that is the school to Brisbane, Melbourne and New York! Too. much. fun!

All the specific details:

85 Dunning Avenue
Rosebery, Sydney, NSW
Ph 02 9693 2782


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  • Jacqueline says:

    Ooh, I wish I’d had the chance to talk to her when I made the U-turn in my career! Loving everything she’s doing with The School! 😀

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