Some exciting news for The Finders Keepers!

Images above from Renegade’s Flickr of San Fran Fair 2010

Today we’re taking a break from our usual blogging to announce some news 🙂

Firstly, we’re heading off on our first international trip to the USA in July. Whilst in the US we are going to be visiting the famous Renegade Craft Fairs in both LA & San Francisco!! We’re pretty excited to let you know that we are meeting the organisers and hope to come back with lots of inspiration, ideas and possibly some international friends for the Finders Keepers! For those not familar with Renegade, here is a great introduction that we discovered them through, via The Design Files.

Also on our little trip we’re heading to NYC and are excited to be visiting the Etsy HQ in Brooklyn. We’re also hoping to come back with lots of inspiration, new knowledge and hopefully ground some connections with the Etsy team that will help us all back in Aus! The purpose of this trip is to really get inspired outside of the Australian community and come back with fresh ideas and inspiration to continue to grow the Finders Keepers events and community.

Whilst we’re off on our trip we won’t be doing our usual daily blogging here in Aus, we are however hoping to do some special international features especially about our experiences visiting the Fairs & Etsy. We’re also planning to do some international designer features on some of the indie design community as well so hopefully upon our return we’ll have lots to share with you all!

Do you have some design/art related must see places in LA, San Fran or NYC? Let us know your top 5 places to see!

Secondly, our big news is we’re opening our own store!! Upon returning from our trip we’ll be working on opening our new store in mid August. The store will be called Follow, and will feature a curated selection of some of our favourite emerging designers both in Australia and eventually internationally! The store’s home will be in Surry Hills, Sydney however for those that follow us nationally never fear, we’ll also be selling online!

We have created a Facebook & Twitter page for our new store, whilst there isn’t much on them at the moment, please help support our new venture and we’ll keep you updated with the progress of the store opening in the coming months.

Lastly, if you are emerging designer that would be interested in being stocked in our store on consignment, please email us at We are offering a mix of emerging and established design already so please understand we cannot take on all designers that submit to us.


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