Featured Designers: Collectivism

FK chats to Anna, Carizza, Cecilia (CC), Laura and Maria; the team behind textiles collective, Collectivism

Tell us about your textile collective, Collectivism
C. Collectivism with our short run design approach is about directing folk away from the over-produced, forgotten tomorrow designs lining shop windows and showing that you can have something individual and unique with a conscience for sustainable living.
CC. Collectivism is about designing with the same approach as the Slow Movement. It is about taking time to enjoy the process, making and selling individual products that we love and believe in. We have fun (sometimes too much fun!) making what we do and we hope that our products will make people smile and have fun with it.
M. We sell textile-based products as well as print designs and fabrics for people to make things with.

What are you individual backgrounds, and how did you meet?
C. We met towards the end of 2010 whilst studying Textile Design and Printing. Our friendship formed via a mutual desire to keep the art of silk-screening alive in Sydney. After a few working bees, I, in conjunction with other artists, built a communal silk-screen print studio in Rozelle from donated materials to fill the void evident in Sydney at the time.
L. Yes, when word got around that a facility was there to use, we all jumped at the chance.
A. I come from a background working in fashion, architecture, and interiors, and draw inspiration from my time living in London and travelling the world.
M. I’m originally from Russia and have a background in bookkeeping. Doing the textiles course where we met is one of the best things I’ve done!
CC. I’m a closet nerd with a background in design.

Work by Anna (top) and the studio (bottom)

What inspired you to start your own label and all work together?
L. The Finders Keepers Markets! We all have unique styles that mix really well. Maria & CC came to us with the idea of the Markets. We all agreed that it would be a great experience and would give us a chance to meet like-minded people interested in what we are doing.
C. Working in the same environment, we all recognized in each other a mutual appreciation for sustainability in design – printing on linen, hemp and organic cotton as well as up-cycling materials.
CC. Working on your own, you quickly realize that it can be limiting, as there’s no one to bounce ideas (however crazy) with or ask questions and opinions of so it’s great to know there’s a group of people around who are all travelling a similar path.

What is your style of working and creative process?
C. Currently I am interested in the layering of print and mark making materials and scouring away at sections to reveal the beauty hidden beneath. I also love reusing found materials like street lamps.

Work by Carizza (top) and Maria (bottom)

What inspires you all about your surroundings?
C. Surrounded by creative people, artists-in-residencies and musicians rehearsing above our studio; the Riso print publisher next door; the arthouse films showing in the Kinema and the temporary gallery that all operate out of the same shared creative space in Rozelle – it’s hard not to be inspired.
M. I am inspired every day. If you look carefully, inspiration is everywhere… nature, architecture, music, scent, childhood memories, interiors… all the simple things that surround me.

What do you love about working within a collective?
L. Working with like-minded creative people inspires you to keep on creating! We all work really well together; we ask questions, share our ideas and designs and get great feedback, good or bad. Ultimately this helps us to become better designers.
C. Motivation and inspiration to achieve our individual goals and learning from and being encouraged with experimentation in our art.
A. With our varied backgrounds we are forever coming up with new designs and techniques. It is lovely to be inspired and motivated by your workmates, and with five of us there is always someone coming up with something new and exciting!
M. Having complete individual freedom in what we create. Sharing knowledge, skills, resources, techniques, ideas as well as pooling our resources together.

Work by Cecilia (top) and Laura (bottom)


  • Gabrielle says:

    I love it all! Such unique designs.
    It is so nice to see some new people appreciating hand printing, and doing something more than one colour prints.
    I am very jealous of their studio. Wish I was in Rozelle I would come and play!

  • Carizza says:

    You can come and play!! (providing you’re in Sydney) It’s an open to the public communal silk-screen studio. I’m not sure if I can write the details up on here as that’s a form of unapproved advertising that I choose avoid but come and speak to us at the market =)

  • Sounds like tremendous fun! I did a bit of silk screen printing at uni and loved it. It’s great to hear that you guys are working so well as a collective, it can be tricky at times. Keep up all the fantastic work! Looking forward to seeing some of it at Finders Keepers!

  • micaela says:

    so proud miss C-
    will come down the mountain to see you guys at the market!

    lots of tafey and textiley love
    micaela x

  • robyn says:

    I love these lamps. I have one in my tv room.
    Robyn xo

  • Tanya says:

    Amazing, eco-friendly work!!! No bias here 😛

  • Sophie Drysdale says:

    Hi Girls,
    I am very impressed & proud of you all.
    Keep up the great work & old traditions alive.
    Sorry I couldn’t make it to the graduation last week- I really wanted to be there.
    Love to you all,
    Sophie xx

  • carizza says:

    Thanks Sophie!!
    How are you and little Honor doing? I’m sure we’ll cross paths again some point in the future. How’s my painting looking? Any pictures?? 😛 x

  • I LOVED these guys at FK Sydney, they had such a fantastic selection and I can’t wait to use the pieces I purchased in my new accessories range 🙂

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