21 Content Ideas For Your Next Social Media Market Post!

Social media content ideas from the Finders Keepers team to help you spread the word and promote your involvement in an upcoming market!

Love Astrid, Know The Rose and Cakehouse Collective, photographed by Samee Lapham

Top Tips:

  • We recommend telling your friends, fans and followers that you’ll be part of the Finders Keepers lineup at least once a week in the lead-up, starting from about 8 weeks out. The Marketing Rule of 7 tells us that people need to see something at least 7 times before they take action. We believe a rising tide lifts all boats, so if all stallholders spread the word, more people will hear about us and come along!
  • Don’t forget to mention the name of the event, where it’s happening and the dates. You can copy and paste from any of our event captions on Instagram or grab the details here.
  • Tag us so we can reshare your market content!
  • Share the poster artwork and pin it to the top of your socials! You can find all the downloads here.
  • Mention @finders_keepers in your IG bio (e.g. Find me Melbourne @finders_keepers 13-15 Oct) and add it to your website’s notification banner (Find me at The Finders Keepers Melbourne/Narrm Market 13-15 Oct @ Royal Exhibition Building)
  • Follow your fellow stallholders for content inspiration!
  • If you’re not already on Tiktok but making Reels regularly, create an account and start sharing your Reels there, too!
Sophie McPike, photographed by Samee Lapham

Before the market:

Behind-the-Scenes Sneak Peek: Show your audience the preparation process for the market.
– Do a practice run and share setting up the booth, arranging products, and adding finishing touches.
– Share packing your stock into boxes or packing your car up.

Ask your audience: Share three options in a carousel or reel format and ask your audience to help you choose.
– Help me pick my market uniform. 1, 2, or 3?
– Help me design my stall. Should I have a blue tablecloth or a white tablecloth?
– I’m making a new sign for my stall; where should I place it?

Product Showcases: Highlight individual products or collections that you’ll be featuring at the market. Provide detailed descriptions and pricing information.

Meet the Team: Introduce your team members, including their roles and what they’re most excited about for the weekend.

Exclusive Market Offers: Promote special discounts or exclusive offers available only to those who visit your stall during the market.

Market Day Countdown: Create a countdown to generate excitement among your followers.

Design Process: Take your followers through the step-by-step process of creating one of your signature products.

Live Demonstrations: Use live video to demonstrate how your products are made or provide tutorials on using them effectively.

Market-Day Tips: Offer tips and advice for visitors attending the market.
– Pre-purchase tickets online
– Don’t forget your reusable shopping bag
– How to navigate the market efficiently
– Where to park or how to visit on public transport.

To-Do List: Share your to-do list as you count down to the markets.
– Here are three things I need to do before bumping in to the markets.
– Here’s my to-do list this week as I prepare for the Finders Keepers Market.

Love Astrid, Know The Rose and Cakehouse Collective, photographed by Samee Lapham

Market Week & Weekend:

Drop A Pin: Help attendees find you by sharing photos or videos of your stall, and your location number and let them know where they can collect market maps or direct them to the link in our bio for a downloadable map.

Fit Check: Show off your market outfit. Get your neighbours or market buddies involved and do a group fit check!

Best Sellers: Share your most popular daily product or your top three products.

Community Love: Once you’re all set up, showcase other stalls at the market to share what else is on offer.

Stall Tour: Give a virtual tour of your stall setup at the market.

Collaborations: If you’re collaborating with other businesses or artists at the market (maybe you’ve done a product swap with another stall eg. you wear earrings from another stall and they wear a dress from your stall), share the details and show some love to your collab buddy.

Your Market Wishlist: Pick a handful of products from other sellers on the lineup and make a carousel or Reel talking about those things. You can go into detail or do bullet points.

Contests and Giveaways: Host a social media contest or giveaway and encourage followers to participate and visit your stall for a chance to win.

FAQs: Address frequently asked questions about your products, pricing, and the market.

Customer Interaction: During the event, document interactions with customers. Share their feedback, comments, and experiences at your booth. e.g. Five things I heard at Finders Keepers (about my product/stall/brand).

Post-Event Recap: After the market weekend, share your experience, including the highlights, best-sellers, and any memorable moments.

Mama Movement, photographed by Samee Lapham

We hope these social media content ideas inspire your next market post! If you have any feedback, tips or suggestions to add to the list, get in touch or send us a DM with your content idea.

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