Top 10 Stallholder Tips For A Successful Market Weekend

Market season is coming up so we asked our national events manager Lindsay for her top 10 tips and things to remember when designing, planning and setting up your market stall. Lindsay has been part of the Finders Keepers team for over 5 years and is the person who makes sure every event runs seamlessly with precision execution. From crafting mammoth floor plans to – compiling our mega run-sheets, Lindsay knows a thing or two about what makes a great stall. Let’s go! 

1. Invite and delight

Burnt Country at Syd SS17 & Emily Mcduff at Bris SS19 photographed by Samee Lapham

When designing your stall, think about how it functions to maximise the amount of space available for customers to access your products. For instance, If you have a 2x2m stall and customers have to walk into it, this may result in only having 1-2 customers perusing your stall at one time with possibly many interested but walking on by as it appears too full. Or if you are on a corner, maximise both sides for displays and accessibility. 

2. Back it up!

Erin Lightfoot photographed by Samee Lapham at Bris SS19

We love to see backing walls on stalls as it brings height to your stall allowing for signage to be placed so it’s dominant. You can also visually merchandise your products to put the eye-catching items up high for more to see when browsing the aisles. It also assists in maximising your stall space potential.
Your backing wall doesn’t always have to be square or rectangle either, get creative and add shape or levels that works to best display your work in an eye-catching way.

3. Put a name to a face (or in this case, a stall)

Bilboa at Brisbane Finders Keepers SS18 photographed by Samee Lapham

Markets are busy, and with lots of people walking past your stall, or viewing many stalls – how will you be remembered? Invest in signage and make sure it’s clear, legible and large enough to view from afar. First impressions are everything!

4. Keep it on-brand

Anti-Pastel at Finders Keepers Sydney SS18 photographed by Samee Lapham

If you have strong branding, like a prominent colour that makes up your logo or a shape or brand mark, then use that to your advantage and incorporate this into your setup design. Your engaged and loyal customers will seek you out from the clear visual cues.

5. Storage Styling

Public Holiday photographed by Samee Lapham at Syd AW19

Get storage smart, and incorporate your storage solutions as part of your setup! This will save messy stock stashed behind stalls or the dreaded stock running out to your car/van. We’ve seen some savvy storage chests, that double as product displays on wheels for easy set-up and pack-down!

6. Heart and Sole

Market weekends can feel like a marathon at times when you’re not used to standing or being on your feet for long periods of time. A lot of venues have hardwood or concrete floors, and the nature of markets leaves you on your feet all day. Hot tip: invest in a rubber matt to stand on – and some comfy shoes; you have to look after yourself! The FK team loves a pair of Blundstones with a comfy pair of socks to get us through the event – practical and stylish!

7. Digital sales-ready

Get back up WiFi options (multiple if you can) and even prepare your online store with items you are bringing in case you need to direct customers there (if you experience wifi issues). It can also pay to have an option online ready for pre-orders or in case you have sold out; you don’t miss an opportunity to secure a potential sale. Finders Keepers is now a cashless event so this is a vital step in your planning – take the time!

8. Mirror, Mirror

Photographed by Samee Lapham at The Finders Keepers Markets

If you sell ANYTHING wearable, bring mirrors and multiple mirrors! You can bring both display standing and handheld, depending on the size of your offering. Make these accessible too so that your customers can freely peruse without delay if you’re busy. It helps with the conversion of sales in a BIG way. 

9. Light and Bright

Extra lights, lamps, string lights or LED strips can add a warm ambience and also make it easier to see smaller items like jewellery and illustrations. If you don’t have power on your stall, there are plenty of cool battery-operated options to make your stall twinkle!

10. Finishing touches

Clay Canoe at Syd AW18 & Amy Leworthy at Melb AW19 by Samee Lapham

Remember sometimes it is the smallest or simplest of ideas that can draw the eye of customers and make your stall inviting – like a little greenery, a plant hanging or a bunch of dried/fresh cut flowers. Little details that speak to your brand will speak to your customers!

Looking for more market tips and advice? Head to our Resources Page.

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  • Fiona Ariva says:

    These are excellent tips. I really liked the suggestion about using storage chests that double as product displays on wheels. I’ve recently started doing markets and it’s made me think about repurposing some vintage luggage trucks, which would fit in with my antique-themed products (calligraphy and wax seals). Thanks for the idea!

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