Finding Balance and Social Media Scheduling with Sked Social

Written by Daisy Braid
on 28 April, 2022

Like many small businesses, the team at Finders Keepers wear many hats. As the social media and content manager, I post on social media, write blog posts, dabble in a bit of graphic design, and so much more! That’s a lot of hats! Our social posts – especially Instagram – are a key means of communication with clients, customers, vendors, and entire marketplaces. Anyone who manages social media accounts will know that balance is essential and being able to clock off is critical for personal sanity. I need to be able to take a break while still keeping our audience informed and engaged. 

Connecting and empowering small businesses is what we do here at Finders Keepers. Building our community through promotion and engagement means we always look for the right tools and partners to inspire growth. So how do we keep our own small business running flawlessly and manage our social media marketing? 

Meet Sked Social – my new favourite marketing tool! I don’t post on the weekends anymore, but our feed does. Sked is a social media planning and Instagram-first scheduling tool. I can create all my content during the week and then schedule it when our audience is online, usually when I want to be sewing or sunning somewhere beautiful. Sked is a small biz AND they’re social media marketers, so they understand our needs in a way most software companies just can’t. 

Sked’s Social Media Director, Kyra Goodman, helped us onboard into the platform, sharing that she always starts with her Instagram content and then expands into customised content for Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest – and we do too! We also got the scoop on the content library, product tagging functions for e-commerce (I was so excited about this one), and their approvals workflows. It all gets planned out in Sked’s visual planner, and this is so helpful for a visual person like me. 

Planning our social posts in Skeds Feed Planner

Kyra told us, “Sked makes our one-woman social team feel like 10 people. I can schedule and cross-post all of our social media content, get in-depth insight reports, collaborate with internal and external users, and so much more. I get to set it, forget it and actually unplug on the weekends knowing Sked is doing all the posting for me!”. I couldn’t relate to this more! 

We run campaigns year-round on our social channels. We also manage campaigns that support some of our partners. Some of them are seasonal and recurring, so we store that content in the content library and then schedule it when we need it. Each channel gets personalised content, keeping our audience in mind. The content gets posted on time, and we don’t have to worry about it. 

After we post, we always take a peek and ask, “how did we do?” and Sked’s analytics reporting lets us do that. Performance and engagement metrics help us see what content comes next and what we need to post more of. It’s one of the essential tools in our Small Business Toolkit. 

If you’re ready to plan, schedule and analyse your content from one easy-to-use platform, Sked has a special offer for our Finders Keepers friends and fans. Start a 14-day free trial today and get to know Sked like we do. 

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