Celebrate the NEW ‘Shoutouts by Ampjar’ Mobile App!

Discover, create and share incredible small businesses while reaching new customers of your own with the ‘Shoutouts by Ampjar’ MOBILE APP!

Excitement has been building with our partners over at Ampjar as the launch day of their latest top-secret feature has finally arrived. The ‘Shoutouts by Ampjar’ MOBILE APP! We are so excited to celebrate the release of their latest tool to help small businesses grow. 

The app has supercharged shoutouts, and with its sleek and intuitive design, makes it faster than ever to:

  • DISCOVER incredible brands and content to share.
  • CREATE shoutouts using their curated range of eye-catching templates.
  • SHARE your small business shoutouts in seconds and earn karma for others to share you in return.

Available for iOS and Android, the apps’ simple swipe left or right usability allows you to discover incredible brands to share via Instagram Stories. You can shout out now or favourite with a love heart and save for later with a few quick flicks. Download it here.

Creating shoutouts is effortless, as you’ll find a kaleidoscope of custom templates and designs in eye-popping colours that can be automatically layered together with brand images to create gorgeous attention-grabbing shoutouts. Knowing its members are a hyper-creative community, Ampjar thoughtfully built in the ability to upload your very own template designs, adding a truly unique edge to your Stories game!

Once you’ve created your shoutout masterpiece, sharing it is easy. Just hit the yellow megaphone, and you’re ready to paste the link sticker to tag the brand you’re shouting out, add a positive message about the brand and….voila! Post it to your Stories, sit back and feel the good vibes wash over you, knowing you’ve done something small but mighty in another small biz owner’s day!

Like our courageously creative community, Ampjar’s consists mainly of solopreneurs and small businesses. In developing the Shoutouts app, the Ampjar team were deeply conscious of the workload small business owners are tasked with daily. Without wanting to add to that ‘to-do’ list, Ampjar has intuitively streamlined shoutouts so you can share directly to your stories from your phone – a functionality that translates to harnessing productivity on the go! 

Think of all those tiny moments throughout your day; standing at the school gate for pickup, the few minutes before yoga class starts or sitting at a bar waiting for a friend. Like sleep, time isn’t bankable, and the app gives you the ability to maximise those tiny moments in your day to discover and support other incredible small businesses, reach new customers of your own and effortlessly build a community from the palm of your hand. 

The ‘Shoutouts by Ampjar’ mobile app is FREE to use and can be downloaded on iOS from the Apple App Store or on Android through Google Play.

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