Five Questions With Bon Lux

Written by Chantel Camilleri
on 24 June, 2020

Debuting at Finders Keepers back in 2015 we’ve been lucky to be part of the Bon Lux’s incredible journey. Creating the ultimate ‘chill scene’ with an initial 6 candles and a self taught passion, Bon Lux’s range has grown to a warming and harmonious range of hand-made products connected by their intent and aesthetic! Making beautiful, thoughtful, botanical scented things for joy!
Read on as Chantal shares the in’s and outs and rolling forward during CoVID and launching a very timely hand sanitiser
A-OK! Spray!

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Tell us about your business and how it started?

I started BON LUX about 6 years ago after having a break from work in fashion design and having a child begin at school. It was the perfect chance to work on a small business during the school day and I wanted to combine my experience in design, drawing, and painting to make thoughtful products for self-care and the home. My partner had vacated our studio in the garden to rejoin the corporate world, so I had the right space to work on something creative! I was interested in blending natural perfume, so I taught myself! I started with just a small range of scented candles, and have added to that to include face mists, room sprays, bath soaks, eye pillows, wheat bags… and plenty more to come!

Bon Lux has been in the Finders Keepers community for some time now and we have loved having you! Can you share how your business has evolved over time?

BON LUX has come a long way since I was a Debut stand at my first Finders Keepers! BON LUX began with 6 scented candles and a handful of room sprays. It was so exciting to share my little range! Now the brand is a harmonious range of hand-made products connected by their intent and aesthetic. Over the past 6 years, I’ve studied painting and natural perfumery qualifications. I’ve added face mists, bath milks, lip balms, magnesium sprays, roll-on scents… and I couldn’t help but add textiles to the range, so now there’s scented eye pillows and lavender wheat bags, made using our own locally printed linen textiles, as well as sweaters and shopping totes… it’s pretty organic!

What impact has 2020 had on your business and how have you changed your direction?

2020 looked so exciting at the outset, we’d confirmed some great markets and exciting events on the calendar… which have disappeared one by one. My suppliers struggled to give ETA’s on materials and shops started shutting to customers. I rolled forward launching a very timely hand sanitiser A-OK! Spray which sold out in 4 days… that was nuts. I have never been so busy online! Customers were shopping up a storm, buying care-gifts and little treats to care for themselves and others during lock-down. My son and I were hand-delivering orders as the post became unreliable, we were meeting customers through doorways and at letterboxes. It was sort of fun, and weird. I have a few new products to launch, which would have had their day at Finders Keepers, but will now launch online instead. One positive thing is it’s given me more time to try out new ideas, and do more painting and drawing.

What are you watching / reading / listening to right now that is inspiring and uplifting?

At the outset of the lockdown, I borrowed a stack of library books and promptly read none of them. Instead, we’ve had lots of nice walks around our neighbourhood, looking at cute Nonna gardens, riding our bikes along the Merri Creek trail and making foraged posies of dandelions and swamp daisies. I’m listening to my friend Nicole’s band THIBAULT’s not-yet-released album (listen out for it this winter!)

What are your go-to Bon lux products for the ultimate chill time 

BON LUX is designed for chill time! When it’s all too much, there’s our Lovely Lavender Linen wheat bag which we heat in the microwave to snuggle on the couch. We spritz away bad vibes with our CALM FLOWERFACE mist, with happy mood oils of chamomile and clary sage. Set the evening mood with a candle, WOODLAND is perfect for winter nights with vetiver and patchouli. Finally, we never leave the house without our A-OK! Hand sanitising spray! A-OK is scented with basil and bergamot, so you smell like heaven!

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