COVID-19 Impact Survey – Have your say!

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on small businesses, especially anyone in the arts, creative and entertainment industries. How are you doing? What impact has this had on your business and creative practices?

At the Finders Keepers, we’ve always been a voice for the creative community and beyond. We have built this survey for all creatives and creative businesses, enabling them to share what is happening for them.

Data is crucial to gather for our collective community at this time, to help measure the full impact that this pandemic has had on our industry as a whole. We all need real data so we can make the best decisions at times like this. For this reason, we will be reporting back!

There is much beauty in continuing to support and lift each other up during this time. Now more than ever we need to come together so we can survive.

We believe all businesses have the ability to support each other, innovate, track and recover from this crisis together. More than ever before we combine our efforts and resources in true community over competition.

You can have your say too, find the link to the survey here, it’s anonymous! The best bit is we’ll be sharing the results with everyone too.

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