Five Questions With Peggy & Finn

Boy, Peggy and Finn have got the gents looking good this December and every other day, bringing together a cohesive and individual range of accessories to add fun to 9-5, weddings or next special event!

As well as joining Finders Keepers in Sydney just wrapped, you can now shop Peggy & Finn on Finders Keepers Online Marketplace! Now that’s a match made in heaven!

Life’s a party…dress like it!

Can you share your business journey with us? When did Peggy & Finn begin and who is in your team?

We started the business back in 2014 when I was really struggling to find something to wear for my own wedding. I couldn’t really find what we were looking for so we started making our own wooden bow ties!

There are three of us that make up the business, my wife Steph and Jarrod – who was the best man at our wedding!

What do you love most about creating fashion accessories for men?

Men have been limited in the choice of styles for suit accessories available and we love that we are able to give people the ability to convey their personality in the products that we offer.

We get a real thrill out of seeing grooms in our product on their wedding day. To know that we have had an impact is really rewarding.

What keeps you inspire and drives your creative process?

Living on the Surf Coast in Victoria. Our products are all inspired by our natural surroundings!

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We are so excited to have Peggy & Finn join our online marketplace! For those who missed Sydney Finders Keepers, can you share your top picks on from your online FK shop?

Our gift boxes are our best selling product, in particular the styles with our native prints. The protea navy is my personal favourite!

What are you most looking forward to in 2020? Any new plans for Peggy & Finn?

We take real pride in the feedback we get from our customers and really try and incorporate this feedback into future designs.

Our business has really grown over the last 12 months so we are looking forward to moving into a new warehouse and will be starting to expand overseas.

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