Five Questions With Molly Toby

Written by Molly Toby
on 01 December, 2019

Keeping it real with cards carrying greeting like “I hope you feel less shit”, Molly Toby joins Finders Keepers Sydney this December 6-8 with some much-needed mantra! Keep reading to learn more about Molly’s story and what makes her colourful mind tick!

The visuals surrounding Molly Toby are so colourful and honest! Can you share a little about your designs and how you use storytelling and truth with such a wonderful rainbow finish?

I’ve always loved colour and the positive impact it can have on mood and the tone of a space. But I was tired of never seeing honest messages. Having suffered from mental illness in the past I know how isolated and small you can feel when messages everywhere are just telling you to be 100% happy 100% of the time. So I guess I just wanted to make art that made people feel happy but also feel ok with feeling sad or tired or just bleh. 

What’s your workspace like and where does your inspiration come from?

My workspace changes a bit depending on my mood, most of the time I work from my home office which is full of plants, music, and colour. Plants are a big one for me and natural light! And then the rest is often kind of messy, busy and pretty cozy. If I’m not working in there I’ll be in bed or on the couch but still surrounded by plants and always with my dog by my side.

What are you currently loving, listening and reading?

I’m loving sewing at the moment and learning as much as I can! I’d love to start sewing clothes I’m just not sure I’m there yet. There is always music on in my house and I listen to a wide range music – there’s just too many to mention. At the moment I’m re-reading Harry Potter because why not!

Can you share the last thing you purchased from a fellow maker/designer/artist?

The last thing I purchased from a designer was a beautiful pair of gold hoops with colour beads from @envet_, I absolutely love them and haven’t taken them off! 

We love to hear what our stallholders have planned for FK, can you share what market-goers can discover at your stall?

Finders Keepers has been a big dream for a long time so I’m so excited that I am able to attend with a range of products that are 100% me. These are products that I designed and also products that some of which I made using my own hands. There will be new prints, T-shirts, scrunchies, pouches, and a few greeting cards. I’m so excited to share with everyone what I’ve been working on.  

What’s on the Summer wishlist at this year’s Sydney Finders Keepers for you?

There’s just too many to choose from, but I’d love to get a few more druids from Pete Cromer and maybe a special piece of jewellery from Hoodooloulou or Ernest and Joe

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  • Candy Hale says:

    I’m having a rough day…but your honest designs and the picture, where your dog has his tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth, 😋 made me smile. I needed that today. (You have a really great smile…but his is just AWESOME! 🤣)

    I just wanted to share that and thank you AND and your dog for making my day a little better.

    Keep doing what you’re doing and just being you.

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