A Considered Christmas Gift Guide: Finders Keepers Online Marketplace

Something wonderful has arrived! If you haven’t already, you can now shop The Finders Keepers market 24/7. To celebrate the launch of the Finders Keepers Online Marketplace we’ve asked shop owners Yellow Jungle and Erin Lightfoot to share their new marketplace stores along with a bit about what Christmas means to them.

Read and click on to discover what these mindful makers are loving this festive season. This is considered gift-giving – all shoppable in one place!

At Yellow Jungle we love this time of year! As far as we’re concerned the preparation for the holidays is already underway and we’re busy thinking of the perfect gifts for family and friends. A great occasion to shop local and encourage all the creators out there!

We’ve picked six items that spark joy in us: dreamy shades of pink that contrast with our favourite night colours!

Christmas for me is the full stop on the end of the year. We down-tools in the studio and take a pause before everything starts up again. It’s time to share time and space with family.

I love gift-giving, we don’t go overboard in our family but it is nice to take time to think about what somebody might really love and enjoy using. I like buying from independent designers because I know that there is a huge amount of thought, effort, and story behind each of the products.

My gift collection is about celebrating ordinary, everyday moments with well made, special pieces. These items are all awesome and would be a joy to use and gift.  From cheerful Desert Rose socks by designer Julie White, simple refined design by Corner Block Studio and beautiful ceramics to be used everyday by Comfort and Calm! I love them all!

Thanks to Erin and Sophie for their considered gifts. Explore the full Finders Keepers Online Marketplace this gift-giving season!

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