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We love discovering like-minded businesses, and noissue is just that! In the lead-up to Christmas, Finders Keepers chats to noissue Co founder Josh on creating a holistic business that is not only environmentally conscious but offers premium and considered products too!

Read on as Josh shares some valued business advice and sustainable takeaways! It’s a timely topic as more and more businesses are looking to make the switch to sustainable packaging.

Tell us the story behind noissue.  

We started noissue to make sustainable packaging small businesses friendly. We left the corporate world to start our own business focused on producing eyewear from waste materials. As small business owners, we couldn’t find anything on the market that allowed us to customize our packaging at low minimum order quantities (MOQ). We ended up sourcing the packaging ourselves, and quickly discovered that our stockists and other vendors were equally interested in our packaging as well as our product! That’s pretty much how the idea for noissue was born. Now, with over 25,000 customers, we love making a difference by helping businesses of any size provide a sustainable way to package their products

With Christmas just around the corner, how can we be more mindful when giving?

Think of gifts the receiver will use or need; give an experience, shop local, choose sustainable items, or support initiatives like tree planting. When it comes to wrapping these gifts, it is good to acknowledge that each new ‘layer’ has to end up somewhere. So when adding a layer, whether it be wrapping or a card, try and think: Will this break down if it doesn’t end up being recycled?

What advice can you provide for small businesses looking at moving into plastic-free packaging?

Start with looking at how you package now. The best way to start is by checking that you aren’t over-packaging your goods. Often, we use far more packaging than is necessary to protect a product. Huge amounts of packing filler and cushions of air are only necessary if the containers you are using are too big for your products! Elements like cellophane sleeves and shrink wraps to cover products can also be easily replaced by paper or other sustainable alternatives. While going plastic-free can sound very intimidating, you can start by replacing one element of your packaging with a sustainable option!

While going plastic-free can sound very intimidating, you can start by replacing one element of your packaging with a sustainable option!

Conventional wrapping paper and stickers are coated in plastic, packing tape is either plastic or contain fibreglass, and shipping mailers are often virgin plastic. Simply being mindful of how you’re wrapping your gifts makes a difference! Our range of products offers an affordable, customizable and compostable alternative to conventional packaging – perfect for the holiday season.

We love the fun designs created through noissue products – what are your tips for making your brand stand out?

It’s all about being authentic to what you want to achieve as a business and asking these questions:

What inspired you to start your brand?
What are your values? And what do you want people to feel when they see your brand?
What imagery illustrates who you are as a brand?

Answering these will help you formulate the colors and visuals you’ll use. If you need visual inspiration, our instagram is a great source of images.

It’s also important that whatever you decide to do, be consistent! It’s impossible to build brand recognition if you keep changing your message or visual elements. Familiarity creates trust, and without trust, you can’t have brand loyalty. Keeping your messaging cohesive and recognizable is what will help you to thrive long-term.

Can you share your sustainability program goals with us?

noissue runs the ‘Eco-Packaging Alliance’, where we aim to educate and grow the community of businesses making the switch to sustainable packaging. The icing on the cake – our customers get to plant a tree in a deforested region with every order. All those participating receive a branded eco-alliance sticker to embed in their online store to show their commitment. We currently have 12 different areas to choose from: British Columbia, California, Oregon, Colorado, Florida, Guatemala, Haiti, Brazil, India, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

We have planted over 5,000 trees since the Alliance launched – something we are very proud of!

Anyone can design their own custom packaging! What’s the process like from design to delivery?

We wanted to make the design process as intuitive as possible. Very few small businesses have an in-house designer when they start, this often means hiring someone freelance – which can be costly. At noissue you can design your own custom packaging without having designed anything before. Our on-site design platform lets you upload a file containing your logo and choose from our wide range of templates to create a design you love. Alternatively, you can upload a finished design you’ve created offline. Our friendly team will send back a completed proof within 24 hours for you to approve. It then goes straight to print, and we guarantee a three-week turnaround from submitting your design to delivery to your doorstep.

What are your hopes for the future of noissue? Are there any new products you’d love to share with us?

We hope more businesses embrace sustainable packaging options! We hope that businesses and consumers become more conscious of reducing the use of plastics and choosing more sustainable alternatives.

The most recent addition to our packaging range is noissue tape (which is of course – customizable and compostable). It was a highly requested product by our customers as it’s an easy way to start with branded packaging. What many businesses don’t realize is that by using plastic tape, it can prevent boxes from being recycled. With noissue tape, you don’t have to worry about that! It’s made from 100% recycled paper and is water-activated, making it compostable as well! Plus it’s a great way to show off your brand from the outset.

We are constantly trialing new products to ensure our range is nothing but friendly to the planet. So, watch this space!

This sponsored post was produced collaboratively in partnership with Noissue.

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