Five Questions With Musings from the Moon

Written by Jenna Ramondo
on 30 September, 2019

Musings from the Moon is the thoughts and illustrations of Jenna, who this year is attending both Melbourne and Sydney Finders Keepers! A trip to the Moon with Jenna is full of stars or in real-life-speak little affirmations to live by and beautiful illustrations, many now with gold leaf detailing. We’re constantly delighted by Musings from the Moon self-love reminders and encourage you to visit this blissful stall and mindful maker in Melbourne. Read on to learn more behind the journey of Musings from the Moon.

Tell us about drawing and words and how it all begun for Musings from the Moon.

I have always written in my journal since I was little but it wasn’t until I was in my mid-20s that I began to write little pieces of prose in there. It just flowed naturally at that point in my life when I was experiencing a lot of growth.  I started drawing little girls and magical things around my writing to express how I was feeling or would like to feel. It was a way of self-soothing, tapping into my femininity and felt really peaceful and meditative. So it was kind of born accidentally and then slowly became a business when I began to share my work through markets, retail stores, and social media.

Describe your studio space, we imagine it to be a wonderland of positive vibes!

My studio actually changes from day to day. Sometimes it’s a cafe, sometimes my kitchen table or I will rent a desk somewhere. I would love to have a dedicated space away from home which I am working on. Wherever I am, I simply have my sketchbook and pens, a notebook with scribbles and pieces of writing, Spotify on in the background and a beautiful candle burning.  My dream workspace would be in a shared studio with a sense of community and creative inspiration.

Favourite book or band to get you motivated? 

I love Sarah Blondin’s podcast called Live Awake. They are beautiful little meditations that help me to stay grounded and unwind.  I find that when I have a clear mind, motivation and inspiration comes much more naturally. I’m also loving The Bahamas album ‘Earthtones’ and any kind of jazz music. But I like to mix it up often and throw in some RnB and movie soundtracks and have a dance around the house 😉

The best affirmation for slowing down is….

I already have it all.

What can our community expect to find at Musings from the Moon’s stall this spring?

They can expect all of my usual self-loving goodies like pebbles with hand-painted prose and galaxies on them, my book of prose and illustrations, magical prints with golf leaf foil details.  I will also have a new range of gentle affirmation cards that focuses on soothing and surrendering.

Bonus Q: What’s top of your wishlist at Finders Keepers in Melbourne? Is there a stallholder you always like to visit? 

Oh there are so many stalls that I love to visit! I always stop by the legends at Babs Bodycare to grab my natural skincare products and have a good laugh, my best friend Jemima at Kingston Jewellery for vibrant handmade earrings, Frank and Dolly’s for soulful clothing and good vibes and The Witch Apprentice who I worked with on her branding for magical potions and oils.

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