Feature Artist SS19: Mosey Me

Written by Eliza O’Sullivan
on 26 August, 2019

We are bathing in an 80’s tropical wonderland this spring/summer thanks to our latest Artist Program recipient, Melbourne’s Mosey Me! We are thrilled to have Eliza of Mosey Me join us for the full spring/summer tour, launching her new dreamy collection of home textiles at Finders Keepers (hint: think Matisse inspired natural vibes!) We hit Eliza with five questions on our minds and came back craving a picnic, and new bedding! Designing AND producing out of Melbourne, this is one mindful maker to support this season.

Tell us a bit about Mosey Me and how your playful home textiles journey started?

I knew I always wanted to have my own business in a creative field someday, I realised it was in homewares when I was halfway through my BA in textile design. I graduated in 2009 and knew that I had to go get a bunch of experience before I did anything, so I worked full time as a designer for seven years before launching. By the time I was ready to start Mosey Me I had already gone through months of refining however, when you work for a company as a designer you’re so hardwired to design to a brief that when you don’t have one the process can take a while! So that definitely happened! A trip to New York really brought the fire out of me and gave me the courage to try new styles and form my own, that’s when it all happened really which was November 2016. 

Eliza O’Sullivan, designer, and creator of Mosey Me.

How do you stay creatively inspired? 

Lots of ways really, I find travel pretty helpful! It doesn’t always have to be a big trip; it could be a week away camping or a weekend down the coast, I find it essential to break up my routine every once in a while and allow new things to enter my mind. 

I’m pretty lucky to have a bunch of creative friends around me and a rather eccentric partner, so there’s never really a dull moment and we all know how to have fun!

How do you feel your practice has evolved since you began your creative business?

Quite a lot actually! I’m more productive with my time, I understand the importance of planning and creating deadlines that can’t be pushed out, and I try to hold myself accountable for them. This may sound like normal business behaviour however the creative inside me stray’s from that type of responsibility. I’m constantly tweaking and trying to work out the best formula to run Mosey Me but I think that’s just what running a business is, constant fine-tuning. Creatively I try to push myself more and more in the design development phase, allow more time to play in the studio and try to block out an end-use for what I’m working on. I’m digging deeper into what inspires me and trying to make that message clear in my work, from initial design through to product and then to photoshoot, I love watching the evolution of it. 

What was the inspiration and design process behind the gorgeous artwork created for our SS19 poster? 

The reference points I started off with were 80’s interior images, lots of pinks, arched windows, indoor palms, daybeds. It was a very tropical high summer look! I wanted to capture the different textures and layers that occur in interiors so having a mix of painterly motifs layered on top of smooth vector shapes enhanced that. The arched shape was reoccurring throughout 80’s interiors from windows, doorways to the furniture of the time so drawing on that shape was key. From there I mixed it in with Mosey style illustration, playing around with tonal colours and having some pops and contrasts which gives it a modern look. Colour plays such a huge part in my work, it’s what I spend the most time on. I’m so happy with how each colourway works, they all tell their own story which is harmonious yet bold and strong. I had such a great time creating this artwork. 

Can you share more with us on why female connection is so important to Mosey Me? 

Sure! This can be a little hard for me to articulate but it’s so important as feel female energy is like a backbone in my business. I find women so empowering and inspiring, I’m lucky to have numerous examples of great women in my friends and family. The support I’ve needed through the process of Mosey Me has always been on tap from the women I surround myself with, we give and support each other through so many circumstances both personal and professional and allow each other room to make mistakes and figure ourselves out.

Mosey Me wouldn’t be where it is today without the countless conversations that have taken place with the females close to me. There’s just something about the bond between women that I find so nurturing and necessary in my day to day life. Mosey Me is like an ode to women a big thank you for listening and loving and a reminder of the importance of support.

Describe your ideal summer soiree! Who would you invite and what are your must-haves?  

Ha well, It would involve a lavish lunch somewhere beautiful in nature by the water, channeling a euro summer vibe. Long tables filled with fresh delicious food and dressed with Mosey Me tableware. Everyone would be dressed for that perfect summer lunch, champagne, cocktails followed by sunset swims with all my friends and family and my sweet little nephews. Festoon lighting, blues music, bit of a dance floor. Heaven! Perhaps I’ll just make that my next photoshoot!!

Where are your favourite places to adventure in Melbourne? 

My partner Ben and I recently moved to St Kilda after being north side for ages! We got the tail end of summer when we moved and I’m so excited for a full summer there this year. Beach swims and bike rides, it’s a different life to what we had north side. My heart will always be in Brunswick and that’s where Mosey Me HQ is but I’m loving exploring the beautiful architecture and leafy streets of St Kilda. I’m looking forward to evening swims and feeling like a tourist amongst all the backpackers this summer!

What advice would you give aspiring creatives who are looking for a career in textiles?

Do it! It’s a great industry and it can be very versatile in the way it plays out for you, you’d be surprised how many avenues textile designers can go down. Personally, I think it’s important to work for other brands and learn from them, there is so much to learn about the industry you may as well get paid for it. Enjoy all the perks of full-time work like weekends and annual leave! These things don’t really exist when you have your own business and it takes a certain level of maturity and experience to handle that. 

What does small creative business mean to you?

Hard work and sacrifice, but lots of rewards as well! For me, I know it’s the path I’ve always wanted therefore it makes decisions easier but I don’t think it’s something you can do if you’re not 200% in it. It requires so much discipline and perseverance even when everything doesn’t feel like its working you still have to wake up and continue as if it is. It can be overwhelming but the thing that out ways it all is you feel so alive because you’re learning and growing in ways you can only grow from taking it all on. It’s a total journey but an extremely rewarding one that is full of surprises. 

Eliza in her debut stall at Finders Keepers AW17. Captured by Mark Lobo.

What are you most looking forward to this Finders Keepers Spring Summer season? 

I’m so incredibly honoured to be the Feature Artist and I’m looking forward to seeing my artwork come to life at all the events! I’m excited to be able to bring Mosey Me to all states especially Brisbane as that will be a first for the brand. And as always I’m excited to meet all the lovely customers and stallholders, have some vino and do some shopping! 


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