Five Questions With Peta Armstrong Ceramics

Peta Armstrong is all about keeping, which is kind of what we’re all about too! Working from her surf-coast studio in Victoria and heavily influenced by the flora and fauna that surrounds her, each piece is both well considered and constructed before being high fired – so you know it’s a keeper. The intention of her practice is to “create objects that will go on to be cherished in the home”.

We can’t wait to see you all get cherishing, because this stall is going to be a ceramics stand-out! Sculptural and beautiful enough to sit comfortably on their own, this is what we adore so much about Peta Armstrong Ceramics. Get to know this talented maker and what’s on the horizon for 

Finders Keepers July 12 -14! 

Tell us a bit about the journey of Peta Armstrong Ceramics and what handmade means to you? 

Making handmade is so many different things at different times, or it can be everything all at once! Like now for instance, I am waiting for my kiln to cool down enough for me to unpack it and finally see some new glaze and surface treatments I’ve been developing, I am so excited and anxious to see what comes out. Everyday presents something new. Tomorrow morning I will start a new making cycle (hopefully based on successful test results) and at some stage of the day I will force myself to do bookwork. In amongst all of my varied week there will be moments of contemplation, making with intention, and fun.

What do you love most about living on the Surf Coast Shire of Victoria and where do you draw inspiration from?  

Quite easily the best thing about living here is the ocean. Its incredible that there is a big wild heaving force close by that should be respected and protected, my family and myself consider ourselves very lucky to live where we do and spend as much time at the beach as possible. I am inspired by the natural environment that surrounds me as well as mythology and symbolism, although sometimes my driving force is simply the problem solving processes found in my daily practice.

What are you looking forward to most at Finders Keepers in Melbourne? Is there a FK stallholder you’re excited to meet? 

I am really looking forward to connecting with my customers and giving them the opportunity to pick up and handle the work. It is so important to experience the texture, weight, and feel of a piece when deciding if It is something you want to live with and use in the home. So much time and consideration is put into what I do, its satisfying to share the love of handmade with an appreciative audience. I am excited to meet ALL the stallholders!

Your ceramics are the perfect balance of both aesthetically pleasing and technically functional, is this something you seek in pieces for your own home?

I would love to say that I have a well designed collection of my own pieces but it is mostly the seconds and test pieces that make it into my home. The upside of this is that I learn what can be improved on while doing the dishes! I collect ceramics from other makers so the Finders Keepers will be a great opportunity to bring home some new work.

We love to hear what our stallholders have planned for FK, any hints on exclusives or new releases?

I most definitely hope to be bringing some new glaze finishes to Finders Keepers. I have been working on broadening my range of work with dinner plates and large serving dishes and look forward to seeing how they are received. I will also have my larger sculptural objects that are all one offs.

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