Five Questions With Loré Loré

Written by Lorena Gonzalez
on 09 July, 2019

Small production runs, locally sourced fibres and completely handmade – when you wear something from Loré Loré you truly feel the love, the Loré Loré Love! We’re always excited to get our winter fix from Lorena (hello fingerless gloves) and couldn’t wait to hear what a decade of business was looking like, having avoided short term trends and conquered ethical fashion practise! Be sure to get warm this July and visit Lorena in person at Finders Keepers Melbourne, 12 – 14th July. 

SIDE NOTE: Lorena is customising her Pom Pom beanies on the spot as
part of her birthday celebrations!

Loré Loré is celebrating 10 years of business this year, congrats and thank you for keeping us all so warm and well dressed! Can you share with us how Loré Loré evolved as a label over the years?

What started off as a hobby to knit gifts for family and friends turned into a business concept to create unique hand made knitwear pieces. I was young and inexperienced when I began, however my passion for knitwear has driven Loré Loré for the past 10 years. There was a lot of learning, self teaching, and streamlining in the process to be able to achieve my ambitions for Loré Loré. My knitwear has always attracted a broad demographic, from young trendsetters focused on fashionable items, to the mature knitter taken by the craft, so it has been important to observe and listen to what my customers wanted and liked about what I was producing. This was a vital tool I used every time I created a new range making sure that I was providing what was being sought, in the style of Loré Loré.

Collections have always been limited designs of a few different pieces of knitted apparel available in a few colour ways, paired with a small collection of accessories, all limited to what I solely have been able to produce. Over the years it’s been keeping to this concept and strengthening it by learning from my own capabilities and expanding my skills in the craft with the aim of providing a stronger collection every season.   

We love that Loré Loré embraces quality natural fibres with a focus on hand made. Can you tell us why you think handmade and slow fashion is becoming so much more valued?

I believe the demand to find out how products in fashion are made is finally being heard. Along with that, people are now being educated on what goes on behind the scenes and how the toxicity of the fast fashion industry is affecting livelihoods and the environment. Due to this exposure to a larger audience, I believe that people are now more conscious than before about their own shopping habits and how they as an individual can make a difference by supporting businesses that are transparent. Furthermore people are valuing products that are made by hand.
So much effort and work goes into making a handmade product. Having to push and justify for the viability of crafted items can be very challenging, however persistence has noted a positive change. People are starting to understand and are seeking to find those products of quality that will last, not outdate and that have been made with values and ethics behind the label. 

We are super excited to hear customers will be able to design their own beanies at the upcoming Melbourne AW19 market! Can you tell us how the idea came about and what the Melbourne community can expect?

Being the 10th year of Loré Loré, I wanted to do something different and special for this years winter market and find a way to invite market goers to be a part of a creative process.

The Loré Loré Pom Pom Beanie has been a favourite for years, and what better piece to offer as a customised item. With a variety of colour options available, shoppers will be able to select their desired pom pom and beanie base to create their own beanie. Once pieces are selected, customers can purchase their ensemble and place it in a queue to be put together. They can either watch the hand finishing process of their beanie being put together, or can continue shopping and come back to collect later. 

The concept is for shoppers to have an insight into the finishing process of a Loré Loré beanie and can witness what goes on behind the scenes. This will be just as exciting for me as it is for them. Loré Loré has always been about creating a treasured piece and with this custom option, shoppers can make it even more their own to be happily worn and cherished.

What would be one piece of advice you would give a first timer seller at the Finders Keepers? Is there a Finders Keepers Stallholder you admire?

In the beginning it can be quite intimidating, especially if it’s their first time putting their work out to be received by the public. There may be a fear of the unknown, however my advice would be to remain true to their product, be confident in it, and don’t be afraid to share their passion.

I wouldn’t say there is one stallholder in particular that I admire, however I can definitely say I do admire the collective of makers that I have met every year at the markets. I’ve been fortunate to have met so many amazing people over the years that are so passionate and dedicated to their work which makes me feel like I’m not in this alone. At each market you are placed next to someone who you may not know, however are given the opportunity to meet, exchange experiences and learn from. I’m extremely thankful to the Finders Keepers community for providing an environment where makers meet as well as share their work. 

So what do the next 10 years look like for Loré Loré!?

So much can happen within a year let alone 10 years. At this stage I can reveal that I will be starting short workshops for machine knitting, which would be open for all who are interested in learning, or even just having an experience in making a hand made product. The idea behind this is to share this craft and provide a space where people can learn a skill and also make.

Furthermore, the Loré Loré range will continue to grow and hopefully expand into other product ranges, providing more hand made, natural and quality knitwear.

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