Finders Keepers Brisbane Wrap-Up AW19

Finders Keepers Brisbane AW19 beautifully captured by Samee Lapham

So much small business support – so much SUN!
Thanks Brisbane, you were a dream!

Stop two on our Autumn / Winter tour in Brisbane was a glorious mash-up of sunshine, creativity and coffee! A massive thank you from the Finders Keepers team for three HUGE days. We heard so many amazing stallholder stories throughout  the weekend, from babies being born to hilarious road trips! It was yet another tribute to the incredible support we all share for one another, which we love to watch grow and bloom at every event.

The full album of photos from the weekend is now LIVE. Check them out here! We invite you to tag your stall and your mates! Plus comment, share, like and most importantly ENJOY!

We have a long list of thank you shout-outs, as these events take a village – and what a wonderful village we have! So here goes, Finders Keepers couldn’t do it without you…

  • To our incredible stallholders – THANK YOU! Set up was smooth and stress free which set the mood for magic. Your endless hard work and dedication to our event amazes us and we salute you!
  • To our new partners at Xero, what a dedicated team you have, flying support staff to each event and nurturing our debut stallholders! We are so happy to have you on board. Thank for keeping the finders chilled with your re-charge zone, as well as our phones fully charged!
  • Shout-out to frankie magazine! Round two of chinwags with frankie with the fabulous Leta Keens was awesome. Each stallholder who held a microphone was buzzing! There’s so much to learn from one creative mind to another. Thank you for your continued support.
  • That leads us to the chinwaggers themselves! Thank you to all the stallholders who made up the panels for Brisbane’s  chinwags with frankie. We thank you for your honest answers and beautiful words. Thank you Claire Ritchie, Love Mae, Paper Boat Press, Erin Lightfoot, Busy Head and Jericho Road.
  • Thank you to the team at Brisbane Showgrounds, we couldn’t do it without you!
  • Thank you to Time Out Brisbane for spreading the news and suggesting such brilliant stalls, we love partnering with you and your creative team!
  • We are big supporters of local music and have been from day dot, the line-up of music in Brisbane was all kinds of fun (catch the playlist here if you missed it) thank you Georgia once again for getting our toes tapping.
  • Thank you to our wonderful Artist Program Recipient The Adventures Of – it’s a delight seeing your artwork come to live in each state! 
  • Thank you to our Indigenous Program Recipient Life Apparel Co. You were there not only with a wonderful story and amazingly ethical products – but you also saved everyone with fluffy socks when it suddenly got very cold on Friday night!
  • Thank you Market Stall Co – market masters you are! We loved chatting to our stallholders about how easy your service is and what a wonderful experience they had working with you!
  • The Borrowed Nursery, we want to live in your stall! What an amazing effort to fill that space with green and we saw so many happy plant babies going to new homes too. Thanks for your support and energy. 
  • Thank you to the kind folks at Hampton Hire! Your furniture set the scene for a sunny weekend and was enjoyed by so many!! 
  • Thank you to the legends at Signwave for producing our larger than life signs! Nailed it.
  • Cuddles for Castle & Cubby – who put in such a huge effort to bring their incredible cubbies to our events and entertain little minds so big minds can have a lil’ rest for a minute! We loved seeing the Brisbane community embrace Castle & Cubby!
  • Samee Lapham! You know how to capture that vibe. Your attention to detail, hard work, and oh-so-beautiful photographs are taking us back to that fun weekend! Check out the album over on Facebook, and be sure to tag your label or friends!
  • To all of the FK team, volunteers and our full-time family – from packing up the shipping container in Byron to bringing our event to life through minimal sleep and multiple coffees – you all work so hard. GO TEAM.

One last shout-out to all the lovers who hashtagged their adventure #findlovekeep or #brisbanefinderskeepers over the weekend! We loved seeing your photos in our feed and thought we would share a few below – see you in Summer Brisbane!

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