A Weekend in Melbourne With Ada Hodgson

Written by Ada Hodgson
on 11 July, 2019

A winter weekend in Melbourne can look like bottomless coffee and Netflix binging depending on the weather, but not for jewellery designer and maker Ada Hodgson. This green-thumb come lunch lover is here in the lead-up to Melbourne Finders Keepers to share how her city inspires her – and what she get’s up to when she’s not in the Royal Exhibition Building with us! Get ready for some Ada advice plus be sure to visit this clever maker and her jewellery stall this weekend. Working with gold, silver, enamel and precious Australian stones, Hodgson creates bespoke jewellery that is both classic and contemporary. We feel so lucky to have her with us again for our last stop of the Autumn Winter season!

What’s does a weekend in Melbourne look like for you?

Gosh! I spend a lot of time in my garden, I’m really keen on growing my own food, and my cat Flumpy loves it when I get out in his environment to plant and play! I’m also learning to oil paint, which has been a long time dream to be able to create something from my imagination that isn’t a jewellery piece! And of course I never miss Pub Footy, go Galahs!

How does your city inspire you?

I just love how there is something wonderful and new to do everything day or night of the week in Melbourne. The city is alive with world class bars and restaurants, and then one street over you’re in my favourite garden, the Fitzroy Gardens on the top of Spring St, I can’t explain it’s majesty, you just have to go look for yourself.

Tell us about your work space. Where is it, what does it look like and how does it keep you motivated?  

My workspace is in the iconic Nicholas Building in the CBD. I share a lovely light-filled room with two other jewellers, which is the best. We share tools and tips and tricks, and the occasional loooong lunch, which is obviously really important. Close by is the Yarra River and the Royal Botanic Gardens which I try to take a stroll along most days to make sure I put the tools down for a break, and get some sun.

Who’s on your not-to-miss list for the upcoming Melbourne AW19 Finders Keepers?

I mean everyone. But a couple of my absolute favourites because they are excellent crafters and also excellent people!

Jenna O’Brien Jewellery – Colour pop queen!
Kennedy Smith Soy Candles – Crafters of the most exquisite scents!
Fazeek Home- Soap that is actual art!
Nanna Woo – Homewares and jewellery that look like the ocean, made with eco-resin to boot!
Sophie Moran Ceramics – I never knew I needed Pho bowls until Sophie made them!
Posie – Just go and smell their Sur candle, it’s Sur good. (apologies to Posie for that pun)
Emily Green – Colourful, fun and bold jewellery!

What’s your fave mode of transport to take in the Melbourne sights?

I’m a cyclist, got to love the fresh air on your face, sometimes the rain on your face, sometimes the hail on your face, sometimes the sunshine etc. #melbourneweather

So many beautiful bike trails in Melbourne, it’s the most fun way to hoon from place to place.

Can you share your top three tips for Out-of-Towners visiting The Royal Exhibition Building for the Finders Keepers weekend? 

For the most special atmos, wine list and daily varying menu, Geralds Bar in North Carlton!
Take your family, take your partner, take your neighbour, honestly take everyone to the Olive Jar on Rathdowne St. You’ll get home made wine and pasta, and the owner always serenades you with great Elvis classics. 
Can’t go wrong with a Tiamo/Nova cinema evening, a classic Lygon st pairing!
Napier Quarter for toast. Any variety. But the one with the Anchovies is a good life choice.

From collections based on cosmology to the garden, the romanticism behind your work always stands out. What is it you love about being a creative person? 

Jewellery is a love language! I remember every single piece of jewellery ever given to me, who gifted it and why. Every piece embodies a holiday or a birthday, a graduation, a lover. It’s always a symbol of love!

My job is the best in the world, people only come to me because they want to tell someone they love them, with a personally crafted talisman. 

What are you working on at the moment and what can visitors expect to discover at your stall at the upcoming Finders Keepers, Melbourne? 

At the moment I’m loving making one of a kind pieces! My work is always nature inspired so I’m taking pieces from the garden, and the cosmos and putting them together with precious stones and pearls. You can find all of my classics plus see some totally unique jewels, made especially for the Finders Keepers Melbourne.


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