Five Questions With: Eunoia Soul Rituals

Written by Jackie Morgan
on 14 June, 2019

Rituals are important. They can bring balance, help us feel safe and allow that glorious self care moment we all crave! In the lead-up to a hectic three days of market madness, team FK are ALL about the rituals and can’t wait to visit Jackie from Eunoia Soul Rituals in Brisbane next weekend – she’s here to change your morning routine + to help you cultivate more beautiful thinking, and we’re all for it!

We’re thrilled to have Eunoia Soul Rituals debuting at Brisbane Finders Keepers with a range of ‘Journey Packs’. Can you tell us a bit more about how you came to fuse skin care and self care into these beautifully packaged rituals?

The idea to fuse skincare with soul rituals came from my own skin journey. As someone who has experienced problematic skin, I began to notice that my morning conversations with myself in the mirror were quite unhealthy. I went on a bit of a journey to change the way I spoke to myself and in doing so, came up with the idea of using my skincare as part of this morning self care practice I had developed. That eventually turned into Eunoia Soul Rituals – Eunoia means ‘beautiful thinking’.

I also created Eunoia because I noticed that more and more women were developing an interest for spiritual practices, but weren’t quite sure how or why to practice them. I wanted to create something for those women, so that they could bring an element of ritual and self care into their daily life, without it finding too overwhelming. With Eunoia, your skincare routine becomes a ritual and we teach you how to infuse your morning with affirmations, self love, crystal healing and beautiful thinking into every Eunoia application.

To me self care means creating little rituals to practice each day to show yourself love and compassion.

Self care is an important theme at the moment. As it should be! What does self care mean to you, and what are your three top tips for achieving balance in life? Do you have a go-to affirmation?

I think people assume that self care is a lengthy process involving endless baths, candles and meditation but it really doesn’t have to be that way. Self care is just prioritising the things that you love to do each day that make you feel good. For me that’s beautiful skincare, reading and affirmations. At the moment my favourite affirmation is from our presence journey pack which is ‘I am at peace in the present moment’. It reminds me to live a little less in my mind and a little more in the moment.

My top tips for balance would be to prioritise the things you love and do them each day, to not say yes to things you hate and to get enough sleep!

A trip to Europe changed it all for you. What was it about this trip in particular that sparked creativity?

I think it was just stepping away from my usual routine that opened up the space in my mind to think about what I really wanted to do. It was during that time away that I really started to work with crystals, implement gratitude practices and read up about manifesting and the Law of Attraction. It was just a culmination of things that made me think about Eunoia and how I could bring this spiritual concepts to the everyday woman.

Can you share your current skincare ritual with us? Is there a best seller?
Of course!

I use the Love Face Cream in the mornings and in the evenings I cleanse using my favourite Skin Juice Berry Fresh Cleanser and follow it up with our Abundance Mist as my toner and the Gratitude Face Elixir as a nourishing serum. As it gets cooler, I might use a few drops of Gratitude in the mornings too to keep my skin hydrated. I then pick out a perfume roller for the day and use it on repeat while repeating the mantra that goes with it – each product has a mantra that you say as you apply it.

Our best seller is definitely the Abundance Journey Pack which includes our Abundance mist, perfume roller, oracle cards and citrine crystal. It’s beautiful!

What are you most looking forward to at the upcoming Finders Keepers Market.

I’ve been to the Finders Keepers in Brisbane a few times and I’m most looking forward to picking up a few unique pieces for myself! I love the mix of stallholders and I’ve found some great jewellery there in the past.

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