A Brisbane Weekend with Jericho Road Clothing

Written by Kate & Chloe
on 18 June, 2019

A pair of Brisbane favourites, we felt there was no better team to share their must-see list with you in the lead up to Brisbane Finders Keepers this weekend! Sister’s Kate and Chloe are the designers and makers behind Brisbane fashion Jericho Road Clothing. Their focus is on fun prints, good quality fabrics and designs that everyone can wear and feel confident in. Big lovers of their city, read on to find out more about how these two live and how you can make the most of your Finders Keepers weekend – with good coffee and maybe even a Brizzy bush walk! 

What’s does your best Brisbane weekend look like?

Kate: What’s a weekend? Haha. My last weekend was spent planning and building for our upcoming Finders Keepers Brisbane market. Actually who am I kidding, my husband was building. When I’m not working though, I love an early morning run along the river followed by a nice breakfast in the sunshine.

Chloe: I love starting my weekend with coffee and we have so many great spots for this. One of my personal favourites is my local, Black Sheep coffee at Woolloongabba. I always try and fit in a bushwalk (especially this time of year when the weather is AMAZING!). D’Aguilar National Park is only a short drive and there are so many great spots for walking.

How does your city inspire you?

K&C- We love Brisbane. The weather is such a huge draw card and we find it so inspiring. To just be outdoors sitting in a park in the sunshine, on the beach, running along the river, walking through Toohey forest or heading towards The Hinterland. These are all places we find a hugely inspiring.

Tell us about your work space. Where is it, what does it look like and how does it keep you inspired?

K&C- We LOVE our work space. We recently took over the lease on an office space in Murarrie. Two entire walls are floor to ceiling windows and we’ve filled it with pink furniture, artwork from our fave artists, plants and even our very own photo studio. There’s not a thing we can’t do in it. We design, pack orders, do entire photo shoots and we honestly couldn’t think of a more inspiring space to work in.

Finders Keepers Brisbane SS18 captured by Samme Lapham
Finders Keepers Brisbane AW18 captured by Samme Lapham

Who’s on your not to miss list for the upcoming Brisbane AW19 Finders Keepers?

K&C- Oh goodness, this is a really hard one. How many can we list? We’ll try narrow it down to our faves that we wear/use EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  Earrings – Busy Head and Denz + Co. Bedding – More Than Ever. Trinkets – Nanna Woo.

What’s your fave mode of transport to take in the Brisbane sights?

Kate: The CityCat is a must. You don’t even need to be going anywhere in particular. If it’s a nice sunny day, just jump on and do the full loop.

Can you share your top three tips for Out-of-Towners visiting The Marquee, Brisbane Showgrounds for the Finders Keepers weekend?

Kate: Go for a drink on sunset at Howard Smith Wharves. Dinner at Longtime in The Valley. Pop up to James Street for a coffee and to check out the new Calile Hotel. Actually, if your budget permits, stay there the night. It really is one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever seen.

Chloe: I second Kate’s Howard Smith Wharves idea but I’m gonna add a little something. Park your car near New Farm Park and grab yourself a Lime Scooter, scooting along the Brisbane Riverwalk to the wharves is a heap of fun! Pack yourself a picnic and bottle of wine and spend an afternoon in the sun at New Farm Park. Spend a night at Netherworld where you can grab Dinner/Craft Beer/Arcade Games.

Your core fashion focus is highlighting amazing artists via collaboration. Why is collaboration so important and what does the word ‘community’ mean to you?

K&C- As a small biz, community means so much. Collaborating with artists is definitely up there in our top 5 things about this business, we absolutely love it. Finding small, upcoming artists and doing our absolute best to tell as many people as we can about them is so much fun and so rewarding.

What are you working on at the moment and what can visitors expect to discover at your stall at the upcoming Brisbane Markets?

K&C- Finders Keepers is so much fun for us so we really do our best to bring our new styles and prints just in time for them. This year we’ll be bringing a brand new collab with a local Brisbane artist because that seemed like the perfect time for this release. We’re bringing a SUPER cute knit given we’ll be in the middle of Winter and we’re also bringing back some pants after lots of requests. I could sit here and ramble on all day but we have to leave some things a surprise, right?


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  • Jan Glover says:

    Have loved some of your fabrics from the first time I saw your designs in a small Melbourne shop. Eg. ant print. Sardine print and squids
    Unfortunately I missed our in a gorgeous Lilly sweet pink print last season and was hoping you might reproduce it
    In all honesty am not loving a lot of your new prints as the older ones were so clever
    However well done as it is great to see some different designs

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