Five Questions With Juno + Ace Jewellery

BIG DROP earrings, TRIANGLE earrings, LINKS earrings + TINY ARCHES earrings – designed and handmade by Juno + Ace

Inspired by makers from the Finders Keepers community, Sacha created Juno + Ace and applied for a Sydney AW17 debut stall with her small collection of handmade jewellery.  Sacha has since evolved her jewellery to feature recycled metals and eco-resin and extended the collection to include copper and brass wall hangings and delicately balanced mobiles.

Be sure to visit Juno + Ace at Finders Keepers Brisbane AW18, 22-24 June

NB: We interviewed Sacha in May 2017, images have been since updated.

Tell us a little about yourself and how you came to begin your label.

I moved to Australia from the UK last year with my Aussie husband and our 2 oldest kids, (whilst 7 months pregnant with the 3rd. Fun times!) I first started selling jewellery back in the UK when I was on maternity leave with baby number 1, so about 5 years ago now. It wasn’t called Juno + Ace back then and the designs were a little different too. The other big difference was that all my sales were done online. After moving to Sydney, (and having my baby) I re-launched and re-branded and Juno + Ace Jewellery was born (named after my 2 daughters).

The way people shop here is very different, you have so many awesome boutique shops and amazing markets that I just needed to become involved. It was the AW16 Finders Keeper Markets, that I just happened to stumble across last year (while very pregnant), that got me motivated to start working again so soon after emigrating and having a baby. You guys put on such a good show, I knew I had to focus and get ready to apply to sell with you this year!

LUNA + HEROINE wall hangings in recycled copper + brass – designed and handmade by Juno + Ace

DOUBLE OPEN rings, BIG CIRCLE ring in pink and BIG CIRCLE ring in marble. – designed and handmade by Juno + Ace

Who inspires you and your creative process?

Hmm, probably my kids, but not in that soppy “they’re so lovely’” way, but more in the way that they drive me nuts on a daily basis. 3 kids under 5 is pretty full-on and I have always found that making things and using my hands has calmed me. Ha ha!! It’s a kind of escapism. I truly enjoy immersing myself in a project, from designing to making and even selling. I quite like the adrenaline that comes with being face to face with my customers, rather than behind a computer screen.

Tell us something exciting that you have planned for Juno&Ace Jewellery this year.

I plan on making it to a few more markets and I also want to start stocking some of the awesome boutiques in my area (and those further afield) I need to get myself a little more organised. Hopefully before the end of the year, I will have had the balls to approach a few places. It’s quite a daunting idea for me.

PHASES, REBEL + HEROINE wall hangings in recycled brass – designed and handmade by Juno + Ace

Name one resource that your label could not live without.

One resource that I couldn’t do without would have to be my husband. As well as just being totally awesome and supporting me in my business choices, he’s a bit of an entrepreneur and has a few of his own businesses (that are much bigger than mine). Although he is not really super clued up about women’s jewellery or even slightly interested in fashion (he will only wear black t-shirts and only owns 1 pair of thongs!). He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to everything you need to know about the behind the scenes part of business. He even does my books for me!

Tell us about your favourite product from your collection.

Ooh, well I am a big fan of the Colour Pop earrings and I’ve made myself a pair in most of the different colours. They are just so light weight and comfy. I love big, bold earrings and I can’t wear jewellery that isn’t made from real metals, as it irritates my skin. I also have sticky out ears, so I reckon wearing big earrings balances that a little bit! Ha ha!

ECLIPSE + PHASES wall hangings in recycled brass – designed and handmade by Juno + Ace


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