Five Questions With Home by Harlequin

Camarilla Collection – designed and made by Home By Harlequin

Designer Lauren Eaton’s proudest moment to date was having the courage to leave a 15 years career, follow her dream and create Home by Harlequin.  We’re sure glad she did!  Debuting at our Sydney market this weekend, read on for an interesting insight into Lauren’s creative process. 

How did you come to be a seller at Finders Keepers? Tell us about your journey so far and describe your label.
Squeal! I have always had a wee crush on The Finders Keepers Markets. These markets have such a wonderful energy and house the most unique and beautifully crafted products, makers, designers and artists. I have always wanted to be a part of this and felt that this year the timing was right – I was delighted to be accepted to SS17 Sydney Market.

HOME BY HARLEQUIN first came about in 2015 and a large portion of this journey was researching materials. As with anything, there are always highs and lows, but with patience and perseverance I developed a collection of vessels cast from stone that are the result of years of inspiration and experimentation.

Austin vessel in confetti – designed and made by Home By Harlequin

Camarilla Collection – designed and made by Home By Harlequin

Austin vessel in confetti – designed and made by Home By Harlequin

Talk us through a typical day in the life of HOME BY HARLEQUIN.
On a typical day, I arrive early to my studio in Alexandria, as I feel my best work is done in the first part of the day. My favourite mornings include being greeted by the resident cat, Motor, who loves to sprawl on my workbench by the window. I always try to walk in with a plan, usually starting with casting new vessels and sanding others while they dry.

Of course there are lots of conversations (with people and my plants), coffee, chocolate, jazz music and more pats with Motor throughout the day. By afternoon, I like to prepare for the following day, which includes mixing colours, preparing stone confetti, and cleaning down my workspace. I am the sole creator behind HBH and I look forward to the day where I can dedicate myself full-time to this dream.

My creative process has been shaped from so many influences – from those that inspire me, to the skills I have learnt from years in management, and motivational speakers who provide valuable insights that help grow the work I am doing.

Ivana vessels, trio of dots in powder blue – designed and made by Home By Harlequin

Ota vessels in grey and blue wash- designed and made by Home By Harlequin

Tell us about your inspiration for creativity?
Whilst living in Melbourne from 2014 – 2017, inspiration was everywhere! Many things inspire me, but above all, simple design, colour, shape, and surfaces. I also love food; it would be fair to say I visited lots of cafes and restaurants during my time there! It was largely their interiors and colour palettes that continue to inspire my creativity to this day.

One Finders Keepers designer I admire is Flora Waycott, who is debuting at this year’s SS17 Sydney Market and is my neighbour at the studio! Not only am I in awe of her illustrations but also having learnt of her journey and how she became the artist she is today is very inspiring to me. I am very excited that we can share our first Finders Keepers experience together!

What has been your proudest moment to date?
Leaving my former career of 15 years to follow my dream.

Camarilla Collection – designed and made by Home By Harlequin


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