Five Questions With Mosey Me


image features Zebra and Curve napkins – designed by Mosey Me

Mosey Me is a Melbourne based homewares label created by textile designer Eliza O’Sullivan. The natural extension of Eliza’s own style, Mosey Me features directional colour and pattern in her hand painted designs. Find Mosey Me this weekend at our Melbourne market

Tell us a little about yourself and how you came to begin your label.
I’m a Textile Designer who has been working in the commercial design industry for the past 6 years – it became apparent to me quite early on that that style of work wasn’t going to satisfy me for long. I moved around a bit, switching from apparel to homewares and tested out small business verses large scale before I made my decision to start my own label.

Mosey Me was born as my side project to keep me creative on my weekends, I’d just paint, draw or collage patterns and keep it light but always with the vision that I would eventually do something on my own one day. Last year I decided I was ready, so I launched in November with a printed tableware range – now I’m trying to figure it all out!


image features Curve and abstract napkins – designed by Mosey Me


image features Zebra Napkins – designed by Mosey Me


image features Blue Dreams napkins – designed by Mosey Me


image features Modern Tablecloth – designed by Mosey Me

Who inspires you and your creative process?
Style and mood plays a huge influence on me and my work – whether it be styling and composition or someone’s actual sense of style in the way they have pieced something together. Style tells you so much about people from their interiors to fashion and accessories, they are all clues to what that individual is all about. I love seeing that in other people and putting it out there myself. My product is an extension of me, my personality, mood and style. That’s what my creative process is all about.

Tell us something exciting that you have planned for Mosey Me this year.
I’m launching bedlinen later this year!! It has been a total dream of mine for years and it’s so exciting/challenging watching it come to life. I also have a couple of great collaborations coming up with designers outside of my product realm which has been really fun to work on.


image features Zebra and Curve Tablecloth – designed by Mosey Me


image features Eliza working in the Mosey Me studio


image features Texta Napkins and Modern Tablecloth – designed by Mosey Me

Name one resource that your label could not live without.
Right now it would have to be Instagram, it’s such an easy self-promotion tool and everyone is on it so its opportunities are endless. It’s definitely been a game changer for people starting businesses and best of all its free! I also rely heavily on great design blogs and I love big art and design books.

Tell us about your favourite product from your collection.
I really love my new Modern print in the Tablecloth. It’s such a statement piece and does all the talking for you. The colour and everything is just right, layer it up with a delicious winter meal and enjoy the way it gives life to your table.


image features Mosey Me studio

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