Five Questions With: Minima Handcrafted


image features leather Bucket Bag Tan – handcrafted and designed by Minima Handcrafted

Minima is an Australian accessories brand, established by designer and artisan, Amanda Lee, after travelling to Italy to study the art of leatherwork. Influenced by architectural forms and Scandinavian natural mode, Minima combines traditional craftsmanship and contemporary minimal design. Read on to discover more, and catch Minima at our Brisbane market this weekend! 
Tell us a little about yourself and how you came to begin your label.
I began crafting leather gifts for friends and family and the process became so emotionally rewarding that I decided to turn it into a business so I could share my new found passion. After deciding to make it something other than a hobby, I travelled to Florence for a month, to study under an artisan who had over 30 years experience in crafting leather by hand. I learnt a great deal about leather tanning and traditional techniques but I am always building on my skills. I recently went to Tokyo to work with another leather specialist in order to expand my skill set.I want my customers to have an ongoing experience and not just an everyday purchase. I hope people can appreciate the workmanship that is involved in making a product by hand and to think from time to time ‘wow, someone actually made this! This has human value’


image features Amanda Handcrafting in Studio


image features Amanda Handcrafting in Studio

Who inspires you and your creative process?
My creative process starts with the analysis of architectural patterns and forms that I find on my travels which are then transformed into simple designs.
But the real inspiration comes from the artisans. It is their dedication and devotion to preserving the traditional techniques that have been handed down for centuries that inspires me. Artisans work hard for years to continually develop their trade and give something to the community and environment that lasts. Something that can also be handed down to generations. Just as an artisan develops and ages gracefully over time, so too does their product.

Tell us something exciting that you have planned for Minima Handcrafted for the next 12 months.
Mini bucket bags!! They are so cute.. Also look out for a new colour next season.

Hopefully you will see more of Minima this year. In the past my main focus has been on WA but I would love to see Minima branch into some stores on the east coast.


image features leather Clutch Nero – handcrafted and designed by Minima Handcrafted


image features leather Clutch Nero – handcrafted and designed by Minima Handcrafted


image features leather Clutch Marsala – handcrafted and designed by Minima Handcrafted

Name one resource that your label could not live without.
My fiancé! He’s my go to guy for brainstorming and encouraging me through the tough days. And he makes a pretty good pasta. But he’s not so good at the cleaning! I’ll have to keep working on that one.

Tell us about your favourite product from your collection.
My favourite would be the Triangle Clutch as it reminds me of my time spent in Casablanca, Morocco. I designed this piece when I was there a few years back. It represents the intricate mosaics of the Hassan II Mosque. I am so in love with Morocco. The design and architecture is incredible and steeped in history. It’s a fascinating place.


image features leather Triangle Clutch Nero – handcrafted and designed by Minima Handcrafted

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