Five Questions With Erinn Louise


image features Snake, Crab and Croc Bike Shorts from the Elou range – designed by Erinn Louise. image credit: by Kasi Metcalfe

Did somebody say bike shorts!? We love the eclectic prints that Erinn Louise, a Melbourne based textile designer, has created for her delightful range of bike shorts! Make Erinn feel welcome as she makes her FK debut at our Melbourne market this weekend!

Tell us a little about yourself and how you came to begin your label.
I am a bush kid who moved from the NT to VIC 10 years ago to become a Textile Designer. I have spent most of my time in the children/newborn fashion and homewares industry where I have been able to express my love of colour and naive style freely. Most of all I love to travel, explore the outdoors and ride my bike around Melbourne’s streets. The Elou range of Bike shorts and tops popped into existence one day about a year ago when I thought it was time Melbourne (and maybe even the world *makes grandiose hand gesture*) had access to really cool bike shorts for those activities that really cool bike shorts are required!


image features Floral Bike Shorts from the Elou range – designed by Erinn Louise. image credit: by Kasi Metcalfe


image features Floral Bike Shorts from the Elou range – designed by Erinn Louise. image credit: by Kasi Metcalfe

Who inspires you and your creative process?
I’ve always been a big fan of colourful leggings and tights since I moved to Melbourne (where it’s cold enough to actually wear them). I have been in love with Emelio Cavallini’s tights from Italy for many years, thanks to my cousin who lives there and Pink Punk who ethically manufacture in Australia and promote women of all sizes to get active while feeling good about themselves.

As a Textile Designer, however, I would say my earliest influence would’ve been Jenny Kee thanks to my Mum. She has a keen eye for colour and fabric and whilst growing up I was lucky enough to have an amazingly detailed, colourful coral reef scene for curtains in my bedroom. Other artists who I love for colour and their skill with various techniques include Lorna Fencer, Helen Dardrik, Lisa Lapointe, Leah Bartholomew and Andrea Shaw, who has been a great mentor for me over so many years.

Tell us something exciting that you have planned for Erinn Louise for the next 12 months.
The next year for Erinn Louise will hopefully revolve around new prints and longer leggings for winter, but most importantly improving the process of manufacture. Ideally I would love my ranges to be 100% Australian made. At the moment the fabric is grown and woven in China, printed in the United States and then sewn in Melbourne.

The absolute best outcome would be to have everything made from Aussie grown Organic Cotton and recycled fibres, have it digitally printed locally and continue to have everything sewn here in Melbourne. That way I will know for sure everything is 100% ethically made, fair trade and has a reduced carbon footprint. For now though, if people fall in love with my strange themes and loud use of colour thats enough to make me happy!


image features Floral Bike Shorts, Croc and crab Unisex Tee and bike shorts from the Elou range – designed by Erinn Louise. image credit: by Kasi Metcalfe


Image features floral Unisex Tea and croc bike shorts from the Elou range – designed by Erinn louise. image credit: by Kasi Metcalfe


image features Erinn Louise working on illustrations for the Elou range. image credit: by Kasi Metcalfe

Name one resource that your label could not live without.
I couldn’t do what I do without Cassandra, my Macbook Pro. Due to my hap hazard methods of drawing and painting I tend to need the expert skills of Photoshop and Illustrator to make things a little more precise, which is key to creating fabric repeats. I’d have to say she makes everything way more professional for me. I also couldn’t of done this without the overwhelming love and support from my friends and family, YOUR BIKE SHORTS ARE COMING I PROMISE! – Hahaha!

Tell us about your favourite product from your collection.
The bike shorts! I have been thinking and talking about these babes for a year or so now and I still can’t believe that those crabs, crocs, flowers and snakes I drew will actually be on people’s butts! I am, however, pleasantly surprised by the top styles. Seeing the samples on my friends during photo shoots, as well as wearing a few whilst on holidays, they have proven to be so damn practical and looks so damn good. I hope everyone else enjoys wearing the whole range as much as I do!


image features Crab, Snake and Croc Bike Shorts Elou range – designed by Erinn Louise. image credit: by Kasi Metcalfe


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