March 2015 Gift Guide: Easter

Chocolate is awesome, but sometimes the idea of mass consuming mass produced chocolate can leave us feeling a little unsettled.  That being said, we aren’t ones to stop you giving Easter gifts to your loved ones, so we asked some local tastemakers to share their favourite bunny and egg themed treats!  Stay away from the foil filled aisles of your supermarket and discover these ethical and local gift ideas below!


Natala from Ma and Grandy shares her top 6 picks:
1. Aerial Top by Obus
2. Pebble Salt and Pepper Shakers by Pigeon Toe
3. Low Basket from Small Stall
4. Daisy Range Egg cups by Ingrid Tufts from Artisan Design Shop
5. Pastel Agate Ply Wall Hanging by Beneath the Sun
6. Starry Cards 4PK by Ma and Grandy

Made590 Easter Gift Guide

Christina of Made590 shares her top 6 picks
1. Junno Bunny Plate by The storybook Rabbit
2. ‘A very luck bunny brook’ by Kirbee Lawler
3. Woodland doll by Lapin and Me from Made590
4. Mathlete plush Rabbit by Cat Rabbit
5. Jenkins the Hare Book from Wellys Wonders
6. Gretl Bunny Dress by The Raisin Did It

I-ended-up-here Gift Guide Easter

Dan from I ENDED UP HERE share his top 6 picks
1. Hug Rabbit by Skimming Stones
2. Two of Diamonds greeting card by I ended up here
3. Rabbit Egg Cup from Made590
4. Golden Rabbit Garden Ornament from Garden life
5. Dipping Bowls by Wendy June
6. Wire Basket by Down to the Woods

Madeleine-Stamer- Gift Guide Easter

Madeleine of Little Circus Design shares her top 6 picks
1. Mr Feathered Rabbit Print by Laura Blythman
2. Bunbushka Bunny Softie by Kirbee Lawler
3. Handmade Rope Vessel to stash your Easter loot in By Gemma Patford
4. Blue Bunny By Madeleine Stamer
5. The guilt free chocolate alternative 6 Pack Doughnut Greeting Cards by Dawn Tan
6. Quintessential 5 piece Nesting Eggs (of course!) By Blank Goods

Renee-The-Finders-Keepers Gift Guide Easter

Renee from The Finders Keepers shares her 6 top picks
1. Bunny Pillowcase from Father Rabbit
2. Copper Dot Canvas Bucket from Paterson and Steele
3. Sleeping Rabbit Jar from Hunting for George
4. 3 Piece Nesting Eggs from Blank Goods
5. Natural Wooden Teething Ring from T-Leaf
6. Tienko Accessory Stand from Six By Eight

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