Sydney AW14 Markets Vintage Emporium Line-Up

We were so delighted to have the opportunity to curate a special Vintage Emporium for the Sydney Aw14 Finders Keepers market!  Today, we are pleased to share with you our top picks for vintage fashion, accessories and homewares sellers, who will have the best pieces from their impressive vintage collections on display for you to browse and of course buy.  What a treat!

You can find all of the sellers listed below in our Vintage Emporium, along side our Art & design stalls, Farmers Lane, workshops and live music at our Sydney AW14 markets on the 6th & 7th June at the Australian Technology Park.

Vintage Emporium:

Finders Keepers AW14 Sydney Markets Vintage Emporium

Images L-R as listed below

 Ambling Home
“Taking the time to mosey along…”  Through its creations, Ambling Home is about evoking stories or memories of days gone by.  These stories or memories will create feelings of “home”, a time when you felt safe, cared for and loved.  We use vintage fabrics, vintage bed sheets, vintage tablecloths and souvenir tea towels and notions in our lounging pants, kimonos, cushions and bags.  Ambling Home is committed to reducing landfill by using only recycled and repurposed items.

Charlie Foxtrot
Charlie Foxtrot offers stunning restored and working typewriters from the classic glass topped key models of the 1930’s to the industrial war time machines of the 1940’s, through to the Mad Men styles of the 50’s and the bright coloured retro typewriters of the 70’s.  Added to this is a range of antique wooden letterpress printing blocks, vintage cameras, cuff links and jewellery.

Ghost & Lola
Ghost & Lola handcraft beautiful jewellery from vintage components.  With inspiration from myths and archaic beliefs and a collection of vintage pieces gathered over the last 20 years Ghost & Lola concoct their jewels with the modern miss in mind.  Featured in “True Blood“and worn by fans worldwide.

Hello Stranger
Hello Stranger vintage clothing has been hand selected from all over Europe, a mixture of all era’s from the 40’s to 90’s that are wearable vintage pieces in perfect condition. There is a great selection of pure wool jackets from the 50’s and 60’s and colourful wool knitted jumpers from the 80’s to keep you warm this winter! many items have been customised or restored but still hold all their quirky character!
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Queen Justine Vintage
Queen Justine Vintage began from a fascination with clothing from another time and place.  Justine, an avid purveyor from an early age, was raised in a creative family (Dad, famous 1960’s fashion photographer/Mother and Grandmother both seamstresses).  This has led to a strong eye for sourcing vintage and a natural talent at creating and photographing must-have pieces.  Unique pieces, accessories and adornments are brought together onto the Queen Justine Vintage website and of course at the Sydney AW14 Finders Keepers!
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Renew Vintage
Renew Vintage curates beautiful vintage clothing for women & children from all over the world – Australia, Asia, Europe & America.  Spanning 1940 to 1990 we draw particular attention to pretty prints, feminine cuts and quality fabrics.  Plus we have recently expanded our range to include vintage linens as well, just to bring a little mismatching grandma floral into your home!

Retro Vacation
Retro Vacation offers quality vintage and retro clothing at affordable prices. Come be delighted by this incredible collection at the Finders Keepers markets in Sydney!
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Urban Rustic
The Urban Rustic mission is all about giving old pieces new homes.  We search for items with loads of character and plenty of life still in them.  These original items are recycled or vintage, sometimes new and always original.  We often carry rare pieces that sell quickly.  Our collection of hand-picked, unique pieces is carefully curated for the discerning eye and consumer with a conscience.

Vintage & Retro Homewares Store
We are vintage lovers and collectors who love to rock home interiors. Our style is eclectic we find kitsch, fun and quirky vintage pieces from all over the world so you can have that nostalgic feeling. Take a trip down memory lane with pieces like flying wall ducks, sixties floral suitcases and fun fondue sets – we love to make you smile. We are based online, The Finders Keepers Market is a chance to get face to face with our customers and have fun with a little pop-up store.



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