AW14 Market Applications are Now Open!

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Avid followers of our social media channels would be aware that we have opened market applications for not just one city, but for Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne! The Finders Keepers market is a fantastic opportunity for independent creative businesses to flourish in a supportive environment with like minded folk.  We are always looking for fresh and new designers so don’t be afraid to take that leap!  There are stall options for businesses of all sizes, and you can even join forces with another label and share a stall.

Finders Keepers Shoppers

If you are feeling overwhelmed or unsure, you can visit our resources section on our website, as well as this article which details top tips for applying for a market.  We always recommend you write a draft application and have a friend (bonus points if it is someone who has been a successful applicant!) look over your responses.  Also, don’t forget the photos!  We are visual people and LOVE to get an idea of what it is you actually do by seeing beautiful clear photos.  Natural light is best, and use the best camera you can afford / borrow.  More tips on photography in our top tips article.

Click here to head to our apply page which details everything you need to apply (as well as the all important closing dates!) for the Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne Autumn/Winter Finders Keepers Markets for 2014.  You can also head to our Criteria & FAQ for more info if you’re a first time applicant. This year is going to be an amazing one, we are already so excited to explore and uncover what is in store!

Royal Exhibition Building Finders Keepers

All photos by Mark Lobo taken at our AW13 Melbourne event. 

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