Featured Designer: Envy Clothing


FK chats to Julien of laid back, Brisbane based fashion label Envy Clothing. Debuting at the upcoming Brisbane Markets!

Tell us a bit about Envy Clothing and what we can expect to discover?
The idea for Envy clothing really started originally from the shores of Byron Bay, so that has been a big influence. The Envy culture is definitely a coastal or inner city laid-back lifestyle. I’m passionate about creating a clothing brand that can capture an eco friendly style using unique cuts and styles to create a boutique surf / street label. Sourcing the finest quality Organic Cotton and bamboo materials Envy clothing is all about combining great styles with great material. As Envy grows I want to expand to create a range of board shorts as well as a range of shorts and jumpers and look to introducing a woman’s line called Envious.

What was the motivation behind starting your label?
The idea came to me some time after I  finished school, I took the opportunity to travel and surf and once I got back I worked in many different areas, and ended up working in retail and getting a real idea of running a clothing business. Little did I know my family were in a similar line of work in Indonesia, Bali, creating clothing. By this time I had made my way to the big city of Brisbane and enrolled in a small business course. Upon completion I was set on my journey, my ideas were constructed and I had a business plan. So I counted all my pennies took a leap of faith and shipped off to Bali to see my family and to create Envy Clothing’s first range.



What do you love about working with clothing? and what keeps you creatively motivated?
I think it’s that way you channel your self in to your own style of clothing and it reflects in your final product. And how this creates a new way to wear clothing or a new style or culture. I still work in the retail business and like to keep my finger on the pulse. What keeps me creative definitely seeing my favourite brands, create new ideas and styles, as well as buying new clothing here and there, gives me plenty of motivation and ideas.

What do you love about living in Brisbane?
Brisbane is a very cool little city that has a lot to offer, you just have to know were to look. With all that’s going on down at South Bank and The Valley, what’s not to love? and only a hour or so to the sunny coast, or back home for me to Byron Bay.


What challenges have you faced starting your own label, and what are some things you love about it?
I have been fairly positive with the whole experience and kinda took it in my stride. Not to say I didn’t have any problems. The main challenges I faced were getting the shirts graded, sourcing fabrics, dyeing and prints / printers. Even once I found these suppliers and they said they could do the job, and the samples come out wrong. I had 3 of my shirts come out different to how I wanted them too turn out, so I  had to just accept it – but it still worked out great in the end!
What do I love about the process? Travel! Bali it is an amazing business hub, you can design anything over there. I would have made shoes, bags, caps, jumpers, if I wasn’t limited in funds. While also seeing my drawings come to life, making all my business cards and stickers was very exciting.
What can we expect to see from Envy Clothing at the upcoming Brisbane Markets?
I want to bring some unique shirts without the mainstream cuts, made with organic bamboo and cotton. But unlike other bamboo and cottons, mine is designed to be a be bit rugged, over time to give you a real surf worn look. All the fabric is really light and not heavy like other bamboo and the fabric is great for Australia’s warm climate.



Envy Clothing from Rollercast Media on Vimeo.

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